Curtain Call

Curtain Call

carole deeterAll the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players

As You Like It
William Shakespeare

Saint Mary’s alumna and theatre major Carole Deeter has already moved on to the next stage of her life in theatre. The 2008 graduate landed a position as a production assistant/assistant stage manager at the Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis. Before that, she had a part in many productions at Saint Mary’s College.

Deeter worked with both the theatre and music departments, on music recitals, Madrigal dinners, and stage productions. She’s worked in the scene shop and the costume shop; she’s hung lights, and painted sets. She is a member of Thespians Unplugged, the theater department’s club. She was also the student academic council representative for the theatre department. In 2007, Deeter was an intern with the Indianapolis Opera, and in 2008 she was an intern for South Bend Civic Theatre, acting as the assistant lighting designer for School House Rock Live, and as the set designer for Intimate Apparel. “One of the best things about our theatre department is that we have the chance to work on all aspects of a production so we can really learn as much as possible,” says Deeter. “I’ve found in interviews that I’ve had over the last few months that a lot of people are impressed with the range of experience I’ve been able to have.”

Deeter says that professor Mark Abram-Copenhaver was influential in her choosing to stay with her decision to be a professional stage manager. “He brought out the can-do part of me,” says Deeter. “I was thrown in the deep end right away, which was the best way to do it, for sure, but he stuck around to answer my questions and to guide me.” One of her favorite classes was introduction to performance studies, taught by Dr. Shannon Rose Riley. Of that course Deeter says, “Both the material we covered in class, and the work I got to do with Dr. Riley helped me realize how I can take the theatre work that I do and help to impact or change the world at the same time.”

In addition to classroom and stage experience, Deeter had the opportunity to attend and participate in the American College Theatre Festival in Milwaukee this past January. There, she was able to attend workshops, lectures, and shows, as well as receive professional feedback on her own work.

Deeter says she chose to work in stage management because it gave her the chance to help people. “While the stage manager usually goes unnoticed, she is crucial to keeping the production rolling,” says Deeter. “I have the opportunity to help a director and many designers at once execute their artistic vision, and through that, I help them change the world.”