Days at the Museum - Catherine Tindall Mott '05

Days at the Museum

Alumna Catherine Tindall Mott '05 (far left) attends
an exhibit opening for design company Herman Miller, Inc.
Alumna Catherine Tindall Mott '05 is happy to admit that she wakes up in the morning excited to go to work. Mott is currently the curator of education at the Muskegon Museum of Art, which is part of Muskegon Public School District.

Mott was inspired by her volunteer experience at the South Bend Museum of Art (SBMA), under the direction of Jessi Lentych Loyd ’98, to continue in museum work. At SBMA, Mott learned the challenges of working with new art and applied her art history education to work on tours, workshops, and grants. 

Now Mott assists with museum fundraisers, educational guides, galleries for exhibitions, and the permanent collection. Her duties don’t stop there, either. She works with local schools, helps give tours, and is in charge of family and adult programming and docent training and education. With a fast-paced job, Mott admits, “No two days are alike, and as a result, I learn and grow each day.”

Mott says Saint Mary’s prepared her well. “My education at Saint Mary's has impacted every facet of my life. Saint Mary's encouraged and supported my ability to be a strong, educated, and independent woman.” Like most Belles, Mott was captivated by the small college environment, rich heritage, and exceptional academics.

Mott developed lasting friendships and took multiple art history courses at the College. Her favorite course, Chicago Art and Architecture, allowed her to appreciate the history and culture of Chicago, as well as adopt a new perspective on houses, structures, sculpture, and the world around her. Mott says, “I left Saint Mary’s with more than a degree. My professors pushed me to do more, to explore, and continually challenge myself.”

Since graduation, Mott has continued to expand and share her knowledge of art history with others. At Saint Mary’s, Mott worked as a crew member in the Saint Mary’s theatre and took a job as the supervisor of the costume shop. Now, she volunteers at the Muskegon Irish Music Festival, introducing travel exhibitions and educational material on Irish culture and history.

Recently elected as “Outstanding Young Educator of 2009,” Mott says she is honored to be elected and motivated to continue her work with art education. To the current students of Saint Mary’s, Mott says, “Take advantage of every opportunity to grow and change, volunteer, explore, and create.” Sound advice from this award-winning alumna.

—Sarah Sheppard '11