Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Amara dancingSenior Amara Parseghian spent her summer break on her feet – literally. The communication studies major spent her summer as an intern at Broadway Dance Center in New York City, taking more than 10 classes a week, attending seminars and master classes, rehearsals, and working shifts. “While I was there I basically just danced all day, everyday,” says Parseghian. “I would wake up and go to the studio at nine in the morning and usually get home around nine or ten at night.”

Parseghian, who is working on a minor in dance , says she had the opportunity to take classes with famous choreographers and dancers. The goal of the internship, according to Parseghian, was to prepare dancers to be audition ready, both physically and mentally. “To audition, a dancer needs to be beyond prepared. The art world is so cut throat that you might not get a job simply because they didn’t like the color you wore to the audition,” explains Parseghian. “This internship prepared me for every aspect of the audition and working world of a dancer.”

When Parseghian wasn’t dancing she took advantage of living in New York, by exploring the city. “I did everything from rollerblading the length of Manhattan to taking trapeze classes,” says Parseghian. “There is nothing more colorful than a walk down the streets of New York City. You truly never know what you will see. It’s so beautiful, scary, and exciting.”

Parseghian says the best part of being a student at Saint Mary’s is that it gives her access to the best of both worlds. “There’s nothing better than having a small college experience with a big university feel. There are so many opportunities for Saint Mary’s students to take advantage of, on our campus and Notre Dame’s campus.” Parseghian is involved in a number of activities including the Dance Ensemble Workshop, and The Dance Company of Notre Dame. She also provides sideline reporting for Notre Dame’s online broadcasts.

As for her New York experience, Parseghian says she wouldn’t have “survived one day in the City” if it hadn’t been for the independence she developed through being a student at Saint Mary’s. “It was my first experience in the real world,” says Parseghian. “A huge eye-opener – but fortunately Saint Mary’s teaches you beyond the classroom. I was able to take those life lessons of Saint Mary’s College and get through the hard time of New York City.”