Higher Education

Higher Education

Emilee Looft ’11 is no stranger to cold weather and snow. The Portland, Ore., native initially attended a large university in the Midwest before transferring to Saint Mary’s in search of an excellent education program. “I realized that Saint Mary’s met my needs and expectations as an education major. My teachers and advisors know me on a first name basis, and they are always there to assist me,” says Looft. She is majoring in elementary education , working toward the certificate in special education: mild interventions .

“The implementation of the mild intervention program also had a great impact on my decision to attend this school,” says Looft, whose ultimate goal is to continue her education and become a special education teacher. “I have always been drawn to children because they have the most imaginative and curious minds,” says Looft. “Teaching provides me with an opportunity to expand those minds.”

Looft says that department chair Dale Banks greatly impacted her decision to attend Saint Mary’s. “During my campus visit last spring, all of my questions about the education program were answered. Even though I had not committed to becoming a transfer student, Dr. Banks sat with me and worked out a three year plan,” explains Looft. “I left his office with confidence. My questions were all answered and I was determined to be a part of the Saint Mary’s community.”

Not only did Saint Mary’s answer Looft’s questions, the College’s financial aid office worked with her, making her goal to attend Saint Mary’s a reality. “There is always help available when it comes to filling out FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and other forms in order to obtain the funds needed to attend Saint Mary’s,” says Looft. “Any opportunity that would help me financially was discussed and what I qualified for was awarded.”

Looft recognizes the importance of the financial support and assistance the College has given her. “Words cannot express the gratitude I have for scholarship donors and the staff that work in financial aid. Without their help I would not be attending a college that will better prepare me for my future.”