Life's a Marathon Not A Sprint

Life's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

First year student, Julia Kenney ’13, is already well past the starting line of her college career. With one semester behind her, Julia is taking this four year “race” one step at a time. Hailing from Livonia, Mich., Julia, who is a member of the Saint Mary’s cross country team, is also very ambitious and plans to major in either nursing or biology.

Julia’s decision to attend Saint Mary’s was not taken lightly. Having four aunts who previously attended the College, as well as an older sister who is currently a student, Julia realized something. “My decision to attend Saint Mary’s was not a four year decision, but a 40 year decision,” she says. “I have learned through numerous encounters with Saint Mary’s Alumnae that being a Saint Mary’s women is a life-long identity.” Specifically, Julia notes “the pride and confidence Saint Mary’s women have for themselves and their college.”

As far as life on Saint Mary’s campus goes, Julia has already found her stride. “I run cross country and love it!” Julia exclaims. “My teammates and coach are dedicated to seeing themselves and each other succeed academically, athletically, and socially.” She also cites the positive academic advantages of being on such a great team. “The upperclassmen are always available to assist the underclassmen if they need help with homework or other academics,” she explains. Julia is also involved in an on-campus club called Toastmasters, which she describes as, “a fun and convenient club that meets once a week. It’s beneficial to be able to improve upon such an important life skill in a friendly environment.”

Julia, who aspires to work in the medical field as a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist, has already enlisted the help of many of the resources available to students at Saint Mary’s. Julia names her peer mentors as two people who greatly assisted her in the transition from high school to college. Additionally, she feels that Saint Mary’s will definitely prepare her for the long-run, helping her on her way to achieving the goals she has set for herself. “The many academic assistant programs such as the writing and math centers are a great tool to improve upon my strengths and weaknesses,” Julia says, “And I have confidence that Saint Mary’s competitive and challenging academics will prepare me to meet the challenges in applying for medical school, nursing school, and other career paths.”

—Mary Elizabeth Ulliman ’10