Living the Gospel - Monica Murphy '13

Living the Gospel

First-year student Monica Murphy attributes her decision to attend Saint Mary’s to one very important Person—God. “I decided to come to Saint Mary’s after praying about my decision,” Monica explains. “I believe strongly in the mission of the school—faith, service, and education. Saint Mary’s is about self-discovery and I knew that this would be a perfect fit for me.” The South Bend native chose a psychology major with a social work minor.

Although she has only just begun her second semester at Saint Mary’s, Monica has been able to strengthen her faith and desire to live the Word of God through her campus activities. So far she has worked with Campus Ministry as a mass coordinator, volunteered at the convent—which she has been doing for the past five years—and participating in the Friends With Sisters Program. Lastly, she adds, “I am humbled to be the 2013 class president.”

Monica had the unique opportunity over winter break to participate in the Urban Plunge Program, sponsored by the University of Notre Dame. She volunteered at Su Casa Catholic Worker House, a home for Hispanic families in need on the South side of Chicago. Monica was able to give back in more ways than one. “My group and I spent a lot of time cleaning, boxing food, and storing clothes,” she explains. “On Sunday morning though, we prepared a meal for about 125 [people] who lined up in the cold to be fed.”

This is when Monica began to feel the effects of participating in the Plunge. “As they gathered around the table,” she recalls, “I admired their faith and trust in God despite the poverty and hardships in their lives.” She was deeply touched by her experiences there. 

Monica also realized something else. “We, as Saint Mary’s women, are blessed to go to such a wonderful school and have had a privileged life,” she says. “We are called to challenge ourselves.”

The first-year student, who is already working on writing two children’s books, looks forward to her future. She aspires to travel the world, publish meaningful books, to do missionary work, and eventually raise a family. Whatever the future holds for her, it seems certain Monica will continue to grow in faith.

—Mary Elizabeth Ulliman '10