Making The Right Choice

Making The Right Choice

kendall davisFor Kendall Davis '11, Saint Mary's wasn't her first choice. The native of Los Angeles, Calif. says she weighed her options and decided to come, with the intent of eventually transferring. And now she says, "Attending Saint Mary's was not my goal but it became a sweet dream that will offer endless opportunities when I awake!"

Kendall was originally a nursing major, but she found her passion in working with children. She switched her major to communicative disorders and says, "I am excited for these classes and lessons."

Kendall says the best part of being a student at Saint Mary's is that she is constantly challenged academically and socially. "With the professors making me think outside, around, and on top of the box my papers have become stronger, my ability to relate classroom lessons to my life has increased, and I think my brain has grown with knowledge as well."

Faculty who have made an impression on Kendall aren't limited to one, but include many. "Marc Belanger was my intercultural studies professor and he gave me great feedback on my writing assignments. He did not single me out as the lone minority in the class, but he made me feel welcomed," describes Kendall. "Physiology professor Jane Eleff made sure every student understood the material before she moved on, and she gave us helpful hints to remember the tedious information along with delicious treats. Religion professor Stacy Davis created a classroom environment that allowed everyone to speak and voice their opinion."

Interestingly enough, Kendall says that her favorite class was finite mathematics. "I am horrible at math and I use a calculator to complete the simplest math problems," explains Kendall. But she did not go without help. "I was in Professor [Joanne] Snow's office every other day and we had ‘Finite Parties.' She was amazing because she was patient when helping me and did not show a frustration toward my math inability."

Kendall plans to go onto graduate school for a doctorate in audiology, eventually working as an audiologist in elementary schools or hospitals. She already has experience working with children, as a volunteer at the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) on Saint Mary's campus. Kendall's other activities include being a member of the Sisters of Nefertiti. "We have fundraisers, bring speakers from other institutions to speak on race, stereotypes, relationships, hip-hop, etc."

Kendall is also a manager for the University of Notre Dame marching band. "I am with the band every step of the way during the football season and I witness their transformation from being confused with learning a new song and formation to their on-point performance at half time during football games."