Quality Care - Elizabeth Mueller ’12

Quality Care

Most people wouldn’t count an appendectomy among their most inspiring or even formative experiences in life. But Elizabeth Mueller ’12 had her appendix removed when she was 16 and that’s when she “fell in love” with the idea of working in a hospital setting. The quality care she received inspired her. And, as she watched busy nurses go about their rounds, she decided she belonged there with them.

Elizabeth decided to become a nurse. For her, the combination of science, service, and compassion required in the profession is a perfect fit. Elizabeth is service-oriented and it makes sense that she’d choose a career in a helping profession. She serves as a student committee member for the College Alumnae Association and over fall break last October, she participated in Notre Dame's Appalachia Seminar helping to repair homes in Grundy, Virginia.

For her pediatric nursing course, Elizabeth and fellow students were required to provide service for families with medically needy children. She and her class partner became very close with the family they served, who had two children that needed medical attention on a regular basis. They continue to visit the family though they’ve already fulfilled their required hours.

Such field experience is invaluable to Elizabeth. “Saint Mary's has not only prepared me in my development as a nurse, but it has shaped my development as a confident, independent, and faithful woman. These are attributes that will help me make the best nurse I can be,” she says.

She credits both her work in local hospitals and a major study abroad experience in the fall of 2009 as part of that development. Elizabeth studied in Saint Mary's Ireland program, where she lived with other international students and took classes at National University of Ireland – Maynooth.

“Since I have been abroad and actually have had real patients in real hospitals, I can see my future more clearly than ever,” says Elizabeth. “Because I have gone to Saint Mary's, I know I have been taught to be the best I can be at everything I do.”

Photo: Elizabeth (left) with her roommate in Ireland.