About the Assembly

Who We Are

The Faculty Assembly's membership consists of those faculty who hold academic rank and the professional librarians of the College, but does not include those persons who hold an administrative position higher than department chair. The Faculty Assembly may admit to membership persons who are not admitted by the preceding rule. (Governance Manual [GM] V-3.C.III)

Why We Exist

The Faculty Assembly, by its charter, is an autonomous faculty organization. The Assembly is organized to furnish an ordered structure for the faculty as a body to carry out its governance responsibilities to College governance as members of the Faculty Assembly and as participants in the Board of Trustees, in the committees of the Trustees, and in the councils and committees of the College administration. (GM V-2.B.1)

Our Role in the Governance of the College

Saint Mary's College endorses the fundamental concept of shared governance through the inclusion of faculty and student participation in the Board of Trustees, the committees of the Board of Trustees, and the councils and committees of the College administration. The faculty endorse this concept and participate fully in the shared governance of the College. In recognition of their autonomy and special responsibilities as officers of instruction, however, the faculty of the College have established their own governance body: the Faculty Assembly. One of the essential functions of the Assembly is to articulate, augment, and coordinate the faculty's participation in the governance of the College. (GM V-1.A)