Assembly Members

Members of the Faculty Assembly, Academic Year 2009-2010



Mark Abram-Copenhaver, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Susan Alexander, Sociology

Sr. Kathleen Antol, Chemistry/Physics

Dale Banks, Education

Toni Barstis, Chemistry/Physics

Philip Bays, Chemistry/Physics

J. Marc Belanger, Political Science

Joseph Bellina, Chemistry/Physics

Linda Berdayes, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Vicente Berdayes, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Theodore Billy, English

Thomas Bonnell, English

Jo Ann Burke, Social Work

Karen Chambers, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Insook Chung, Education

Ann Clark, Philosophy

Rosalind Clark, English

Mary V. Connolly, Mathematics

Nancy D'Antuono, Modern Languages

Stacy Davis, Religious Studies

Mana Derakhshani, Modern Languages/CWIL

Cynthia Dieckgrafe, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Christopher Dunlap, Chemistry/Physics

Kara Eberly, Biology

Nano Farabaugh, Nursing

Dorothy Feigl, Chemistry/Physics

Patricia Fleming, Philosophy

Tom Fogle, Biology

Janet Fore, Library

John Fotopoulos, Religious Studies

Gerald Gingras, Modern Languages

Sandra Ginter, Art

Catherine Green, Education

Laura Haigwood, English

Kelly Hamilton, History

Ella Harmeyer, Nursing

Astrid Henry, Women's Studies

Joyce Hicks, Business Administration and Economics

Philip Hicks, Humanistic Studies

Jill Hobgood, Library

Krista Hoefle, Art

Robert Hohl, Library

Colleen Hoover, Mathematics

Anita Houck, Religious Studies

Joseph Incandela, Religious Studies

Jeffrey Jacob, Music

Richard Jensen, Biology

Phyllis Kaminski, Religious Studies

Jayne Kendle, Nursing

Renée Kingcaid, Modern Languages

Frances Kominkiewicz, Social Work

Michael Kramer, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Loretta Li, Education

Julia Long, Library

Gail Mandell, Humanistic Studies

Katherine Marschall, Library

Terence Martin, Religious Studies

Deborah McCarthy, Chemistry/Physics

Kevin McDonnell, Philosophy

Jerome McElroy, Business Administration and Economics

Richard Measell, Business Administration and Economics

Nancy Menk, Music

Mary Ann Merryman, Business Administration and Economics

Ewa Misiolek, Mathematics

Zae Munn, Music

Nancy Nekvasil, Biology

Donald Paetkau, Biology

Thomas Parisi, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Linda Paskiewicz, Nursing

Annette Peacock-Johnson, Nursing

Charles Peltier, Mathematics

Patrick Pierce, Political Science

Catherine Pittman, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Mary Porter, Mathematics

Marcia Rickard, Art

Michael Robinson, Business Administration and Economics

Billy Ray Sandusky, Art

Sean Savage, Political Science

Patricia Sayre, Philosophy

William N. Shannon, Business Administration and Economics

John Shinners, Humanistic Studies

Catherine Shoupe, Anthropology

Joanne Snow, Mathematics

David Stefancic, History

Rebecca Stoddart, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Julie Storme, Modern Languages

Katherine Sullivan, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

William Svelmoe, History

Umberto Taccheri, Modern Languages

Richard Tarara, Chemistry/Physics

Laurel Thomas, Music

Julie Tourtilotte, Art

Mary Ann Traxler, Education

George Trey, Philosophy

Nancy Turner, Education

Douglas Tyler, Art

Linnea Vacca, English

Susan Vance, Business Administration and Economics

Jill Vihtelic, Business Administration and Economics

Doris Watt, Biology

Mary Wcisel, Nursing

Max Westler, English

Susan Wiegand, Library

Jennifer Zachman, Modern Languages



Laura Ambrose, Humanistic Studies

Kurt Buhring, Religious Studies

Luzmila Camacho-Platero, Modern Languages

Sr. Amy Cavender, Political Science

John Cergnul, Business Administration and Economics

Christopher Cobb, English

Ryan Dombkowski, Biology

Natalie Domelle, Mathematics

Carrie Erlin, Sociology

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Frances Hwang, English

Cindy Iavaniglio, Nursing

Mary Ann Kanieski, Sociology

Patricia Keresztes, Nursing

Susan Latham, Pyschology and Communicative Disorders

Edith Miguda, History

Daniel Party, Music

Catherine Pellegrino, Library

Gwen Pursell, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Ujvala Rajadhyaksha, Business Administration and Economics

Terri Russ, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Isabel Sanchez, Chemistry/Physics

Inela Selimovic, Modern Languages

Bettina Spencer, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Rhonda Tomenko, Psychology and Communicative Disorders

Bogdan Vajiac, Mathematics

Leslie Wang, Sociology

Mary Kay Welle, Nursing

Dorothy Wisler-Dietrich, Nursing



Susan Baxter, Communication Studies/English

Steven Broad, Mathematics

Peter Checca, Modern Languages

Sue Cox, Mathematics

Anne Cushwa, Art

Marianne Hahn, Modern Languages

Lily Hoang, English, Women's Studies

Charles Hobbs, Philosophy

Sr. Eva Mary Hooker, English

Kathleen Kuhler, Chemistry/Physics

Laurie Lowry, Communication Studies, Dance & Theatre

Juliana Mwose, Nursing

Mary Studer, Business Administration and Economics

Jennifer Wrobleski, Religious Studies

Megan Halteman Zwart, Philosophy



Resolution on Part-Time Faculty Participation

Resolved: That recognizing interest in the business of the Faculty Assembly on the part of those who hold part-time appointments, but also recognizing that other commitments may interfere with their active participation in that business, the Assembly accords membership to any person holding in Saint Mary's College a part-time teaching or library appointment, excluding any who hold an administrative position higher than department chair, during any meeting of the Assembly at which the part-time individual is present and for any committee activity which the part-time appointee may accept. (Approved August 24, 1978) GM V-17.3

Revised 08/12/04