Title Type of Film Length of Film Dialogue AV Type
Autre Cote de la Mer, L' (see French) Film/Africa 90 min. French DVD/VHS
Battle of Algiers (see French) Film/Africa 125 min. Subtitles-English VHS/M/c
Bride of the Nile (Aroos al-Nil) Film 101 min Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Caramel Film 93 min Subtitles DVD/M/c
Cheb (see French) Film/Africa 88 min. French DVD/VHS
Cities of Light (see Spain) History 116 min English DVD/M/c
Days and Nights (Ayyam wa Layali) Film 102 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Destiny (Al-maSiiH) Film/History 130 min Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Encyclopedia of Egyptian Pharonic Civilization Education
English Software
Fatma (with Umm Kulthum) Film 126 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Femmes...et femmes (see French) Film/Morocco 90 min. French DVD/PAL
Grand Voyage, Le (see French) Film 108 min. Subt-French DVD/M/c
Halfaouine (see French) Film/Drama 95 min. Subt-French DVD/M/c
Hasan wa Morqos Film 96 min Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Inch'Allah Dimanche (see French) Film 98 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Inside Mecca (National Geographic) Documentary 60 min. English DVD/M/c
Iraq in Fragments Documentary 94 min Subtitles DVD/M/c
Kingdom, The Film 110 min. English DVD/c
Levantine Videos for Al-Kitaab & Alif Baa Language 60 min Arabic DVD/M/c
Ma Rock (see French) Film 98 min. French DVD/M/c
Middle East (Globe Trekker) Geography 240 min. English DVD/M/c
Monsieur Ibrahim (see French) Film/Drama 95 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Mother of the Bride (Umm al-Aroussa) Film 102 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Muhammad: The Last Prophet Animation 95 min. Subtitles DVD/M/c
Osama Film 83 min Subtitles DVD/M/c
Petite Jerusalem, La (see French) Film/Drama 94 min. Subtitles-English DVD/M/c
Pierrot le Fou (see French) Film 112 min. French DVD/M/c
Porte sur le Ciel, Une (see French) Film/Africa 105 min. French DVD/VHS
Proximo Oriente, El (see Spain) Film 95 min Eng./Span. DVD/M/c
Rachida Film 100 min. Subtitles DVD/M/c
Rick Steves' Egypt (incl. Israel, Turkey, and Iran) Travel
English DVD/M/c
Samia (see French) Film/Drama 70 min. Subt-French DVD/M/c
Spain: The Moorish Influence (see Spain) History 28 min English DVD/VHS
Turtles Can Fly Film 97 min. Subtitles DVD/M/c
Wesh wesh, qu'est-ce qui se passe? (see French) Film/Drama 83 min. French DVD/M/c