General Education Program and Checklists

The general education program described below applies to the Classes of 2014 and 2015. The College has instituted a new general education program called the Sophia Program in Liberal Learning which began with the Class of 2016. All courses approved for the new Sophia Program will also fulfill requirements in the general education program for Classes '14 and '15.

The General Education Program at Saint Mary’s College brings to every student intellectually vigorous education reflective of the College’s overall mission.  The General Education Program incorporates three areas of requirements: proficiencies, discipline-specific designated courses, and, for certain degree programs, additional designated courses. All courses which satisfy general education requirements must be taken for a grade, and must be taken at Saint Mary’s unless an exception is approved by Academic Affairs and First Year Studies.

Writing Proficiency:

A student may earn basic proficiency by registering for courses designated with a “W” after the course number in the Schedule of Classes. At the end of the semester an evaluation committee and the instructor will determine whether the student qualifies for basic proficiency. If so, notification of this certification will be made on the student’s grade report and on her permanent record.

A transfer student who has earned a “B” or better in a composition course at the former college may submit at the end of her first semester a portfolio of papers written in Saint Mary’s courses. The evaluation committee will review the portfolio for basic writing proficiency.

The Advanced Writing Proficiency requirement is satisfied within the major course of study.

Foreign Language Proficiency:

A student must complete two semesters of the same language at the appropriate level unless she is exempted by examination. (See also: Modern Languages, page 219 in the College Bulletin for details and for exemption information.)

Designated Courses in Specific Disciplines - Ways of Knowing:

This component of the General Education Program reflects our conviction that different disciplines, in addition to teaching their specific content, teach “ways of knowing” characteristics of that discipline. The required designated courses introduce students to a wide variety of ways of knowing, which reflect the long intellectual tradition of higher education. Any combination of courses chosen to satisfy the designated courses requirement will provide the student with experience and practice in all these ways of knowing.

Additional Designated Courses:

Required for some degree programs, these courses give the student the opportunity to build additional depth or breadth into her General Education Program.

Please follow the links below for general education requirement checklists:

Bachelor of Arts Degree and Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology
Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Bachelor of Music Degree