Academic Timeline

Fall Semester 2013

August - September

  • Enrollment for all students - August 25th through September 1st. 
  • Classes begin on August 26th.
  • Last day to add classes on PRISM - September 1st.
  • Deadline for pass/fail option - September 6th.
  • (First Years) Watch your mail for a study guide and grid. Use the grid to plot your classes, study time and activities.
  • (First Years) Learn your instructors' office hours and drop in with any questions you may have.
  • (First Years) Work with your roommate to set up quiet hours to study or find alternate places on campus.
  • Visit the Writing Center, Math Center, and Cushwa-Leighton Library for additional help and resources.
  • (First Years) Feeling overwhelmed? Make an appointment to see your Faculty Advisor, Academic Affairs and First Year Studies advisor or meet with your instructor for help with specific classes.
  • Last day to drop classes - September 27th.


  • Meet with your professor if you are having difficulty in a class.
  • Mid-semester break - October 19th to 27th.
  • Classes resume - October 28th.
  • After mid-semester break, make an appointment with your advisor to plan your spring class schedule.


  • Search the Schedule of Classes on the web to see what courses interest you for the spring term.
  • After meeting with an advisor and reviewing the schedule of classes, plan your spring semester schedule.
  • Pre-registration for Spring 2013 begins November 18th.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday - November 27th to December 1st.


  • Classes resume - December 2nd.
  • Plan your time wisely so that you are fresh and well-prepared for your exams.
  • Check your final exam schedule. Visit the Academic Affairs and First Year Studies office if you have 3 exams on the same day or two exams at the same time.
  • Last day of classes - December 12th.
  • Study days - December 13th through 15th.
  • Final exams - December 16th through 20th.

Spring Semester 2014


  • Enrollment for all students - January 12th through January 19th.
  • Classes begin - January 13th.
  • Start off the semester on a positive note. Set up a study plan and put into practice the study habits you developed from the Fall term.
  • Last day to add classes on PRISM - January 19th.
  • Deadline for pass/fail option - January 24th.
  • Review the syllabus' for your classes and write down your instructors' office hours.

February - March

  • Last day to drop classes - February 14th.
  • Visit on-campus resource centers if you need help in strengthening your academic performance.
  • Mid-semester break - March 8th to March 16th.
  • Classes resume March 17th.


  • Easter Break - April 18th to April 21st.
  • Classes resume April 22nd.
  • Pre-registration for Fall 2013 begins - April 14th.
  • Are you considering summer school? Be sure to talk to an advisor about what courses to take.
  • Talk to an advisor about your classes for next year.


  • Last class day - May 1st.
  • Study days - May 2nd to May 4th.
  • Final examinations - May 5th to May 9th.
  • Commencement - May 17th.