Cross Currents

Cross Currents: Saint Mary’s students answer life’s big questions

Students will address life’s big questions through Saint Mary’s new advising program, Cross Currents. The program, which kicks off this fall, integrates new and existing programs offered by the College’s Academic, Mission, and Student Affairs divisions. As part of it, first-year students will be paired with seniors who will act as mentors throughout the entire school year.

“I believe that this program will help first year students because they will always have an upper classman they can talk to and not feel intimidated,” says senior biology major and Cross Currents mentor Jessica Bodenberg. “I would have loved to have an upperclassman to go to with questions about what to do on campus, study tips, how to better organize myself, or how to deal with dorm life. I think that we will make a difference in the first years' transition to college and in developing who they are.”

Cross Currents will expand the opportunities available to each student over four years, helping each to identify her calling, her course of study, and finally her career path. The new advising system encourages the student to explore her vocation or calling in life by considering four central questions: “Who am I?” “What is my passion?” and “To what am I called?” In the senior year, students will prepare to leave the College with answers to the question, “How can I make a positive difference in the world?”