Logical Approach

Logical Approach

In addition to her teaching responsibilities,
Erin Seidelmann '09 (left) coached track.

Alumna Erin Seidelmann '09 has a love for logic. She hopes to pass it on to future generations, which is why the Tinley Park, Ill., native decided to become a math teacher. Erin was a math major who also enrolled in Saint Mary’s secondary education program. "I have always loved math because it is so interesting, practical, and logical,” she says. “I decided to become a teacher to pass on my passion for math.”

As a second semester senior Seidelmann completed her student teaching experience. She taught sophomore and junior level Algebra II at Mishawaka High School. "I learned so much,” she says. “It is great and necessary to learn the theory behind teaching, but it is not until you are thrown into a classroom that you discover your teaching styles and the techniques that work the best.”

Saint Mary’s secondary education program is hands-on right from the start. Students are placed in the field from their first semester in the program. They observe and teach lessons to middle school and high school students across the region.

For Seidelmann, who also coached track at Mishawaka High School, student teaching was an invaluable experience. It prepared her to enter the workforce. “Saint Mary's education department does an excellent job of preparing us to become teachers," says Seidelmann. "They provide us with the pedagogical knowledge we need in combination with plenty of classroom teaching experience.”