History Programs

History Major: Requirements

History Minors:

Course Requirements for the Major

Prerequisites: History 101 Western Civilization I or History 103 World History I. and History 102 Western Civilization II or History 104 World History II.

I. United States History (9 hours)

  • History 201: The United States to 1865
  • History 202: The United States since 1865
  • Elective in United States History
    (History 304, 309, 310, 311, 312, 321, 324, 325, 326, 329, 330, or339.)

II. European History (9 hours)

  • Pre-1648 Survey. Any one of these five courses:
    • History 342: Classical Greece
    • History 343: Classical Rome
    • History 344: Medieval Civilization
    • History 345: Christianity and the Making of Europe
    • History 347: Renaissance and Reformation
  • Post-1648 Survey. Any one of these courses:
    • History 348: The Origins of Modern Europe
    • History 349: Great Minds and Lives I
    • History 350: Great Minds and Lives II
    • History 359: Europe in the Nineteenth Century
    • History 360: The World in the Twentieth Century
  • Elective in European History (3-credit course)
    (Any of the above not already used to fulfill a requirement or
    History 346, 350, 365, 366, 367, 369, 370, 371, 372, or 377.)

III. Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East (6 hours)

  • 378 The Middle East
  • 379 India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
  • 380 Southeast Asia
  • 381 Far East
  • 383 Women in Africa and the Middle East
  • 384 Africa

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Advanced Writing Proficiency Requirement

Before taking the Senior Seminar, history majors intending to fulfill their Advanced Writing Requirement in the History Department will submit a portfolio of representative papers written in their history courses for evaluation. They will be awarded the Advanced W upon successfully completing their senior research paper in the Senior Seminar HIST 495.

Senior Comprehensive Requirement

The Senior Comprehensive consists of an oral presentation based on the senior research paper from the Senior Seminar. The comprehensive research presentation will take place before the History Department during the second semester of the academic year.

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History Minors

American History Minor
History of the Majority World Minor
European History Minor
General History Minor
Women's History Minor

There are five types of history minors: American History, European History, History of the Majority World, General History, and Women's History.

Minors in American History, European History, Women's History, and History of the Majority World consist of 12 hours above the 100 level in the desired area.

The General History minor consists of 15 hours above the 100 level divided among the three areas of specialization. Six hours must be taken in two of the three areas and three hours in the third.

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