Hunger Banquet

Join the Revolution: Student Diversity Board sponsors annual Hunger Banquet, and other inspiring events

Student Diversity Board members at the 2008 Bonfire
The Student Diversity Board (SDB) has declared a theme for the 2008-09 school year: revolution. The Board aims to rally students “to increase diversity awareness on the Saint Mary's Campus and the surrounding community,” and, “to educate students to embrace each other's differences.” The board’s 22 student members organize and sponsor several events on campus each year, including the Diverse Students' Leadership Conference, the culturally-focused bonfire, and this week’s event, the Hunger Banquet.

Jasmine Saavedra ‘10 is SDB secretary and co-chair of the Hunger Banquet. She says the goal of the banquet is to bring students together to discuss issues regarding hunger in developing countries. “The purpose of the Hunger Banquet is to expose the truths about poverty in the world and also for students to experience a mild version of what some people go through every single day,” says Saavedra. Students that participate will donate the money that would have gone toward their meals to Oxfam, an international organization that fights poverty and injustice. SDB will provide some food at the event, which is after all, a banquet.

The Hunger Banquet is just one of the activities that Saavedra has had the opportunity to organize through her involvement in SDB. In her second year as Secretary, the biology and Spanish double major has also helped out at the annual bonfire, which she co-chaired last year. Held in October, the bonfire, Saavedra says, is another opportunity for the Board to promote diversity initiatives on campus. “We host different cultural performances like mariachi music, traditional Chinese dance, Irish dancing, and poetry readings.” How does all of this fit in with the theme of revolution? According to Saavedra, it’s about joining together to make change. “I decided to get involved with SDB because I think it’s important to promote diversity awareness throughout campus. I believe strongly in what SDB stands for. With all our events we hope to make a difference!”