Ireland Study Abroad

Broadening Horizons: Students leave for study abroad in Ireland

The Saint Mary’s Study Abroad programs are at the heart of experiential learning. Students who study in another country for a year, a semester, or even a few weeks, become immersed in an entirely new culture. They have the opportunity to call a different country home. They learn to think “outside the box”—and more than that, they learn to live “outside the box.”  This month a group of students will leave for the Study Abroad program in Ireland, where they will live in students apartments on the campus of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM), for a semester or yearlong stay.  

Sophomore Julie Laemmle says she has only been out of the U.S. once before, and she is looking forward to broadening her horizons. “I am most excited about being totally immersed in the culture, and doing things the same way the Irish people do,” she says. “I want to eat traditional food…travel the country, and take part in what they would consider to be traditional activities.”

Laemmle is a communications major who is minoring in public relations and business. In Ireland, she will be able to complete her General Education requirements, while indulging in special interests, “Irish history, archaeology, and Catholic morality.” Through their classes at NUIM, students can sample a variety of subjects. Those run the gamut, from economics and mathematics to poetry and sociology.  

The Ireland program also exposes students to a variety of cultural activities. Maynooth is just 14 miles outside of Dublin, a city filled with theatres, art galleries, museums, and—perhaps best of all—the food, music, and people of Ireland. Nicole Krou, a sophomore biology and English writing major, wants to see Ireland through the eyes of the locals. “We’ll live with other Irish students and take regular classes at the University, so I think I’ll really get to form relationships and experience the culture from the perspective of my Irish peers.”