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BUAD 231: Starting Points for Library Research

Vintage Brand Project

Start here:

  • Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands (HF5415.3 .E53) in the reference section (first floor) of the library.
  • Three volumes: Consumable Products, Personal Products, and Durable Goods
  • Start here for an overview of the history of your brand, and be sure to follow up on the list of articles and books in the “Further Reading” section of each entry.

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Career Position Project

Information about the company

  • Company Profiles: PDF documents with information including the company’s history, key executive employees and their biographies, competitors, and more.
  • Hoover’s: Interactive website that includes a company description, list of key executive employees, the company’s financials, major competitors, and more.

Information about people (biographical sources)

  • Biography In Context: Contains biographical profiles of prominent people around the world from respected reference sources, magazines and journals, and vetted web sites.
  • ProQuest Newsstand, Newspaper Source, Business Source Premier: These are all databases that contain articles from newspapers or business journals. For very recent “in the news” coverage of specific people, search for them here.


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