Get Help!

How do I get help via text messaging?

Getting help via text messages on your cell phone is simple.  Here's how to do it:

  • Send a text message to the shortcode 265010.
  • Start your message with "SMCrefdesk".
  • If a librarian is available when you text us, you'll get a short reply back on your cell phone:  one or two text messages, depending on how long of an answer is required.
  • You can reply back (you don't need to start your reply with SMCrefdesk at this point) if you need to.
  • If no librarian is available to answer your question, you'll get a text message saying that nobody is available.  If it's during our usual reference hours, try calling the reference desk at (574) 284-5288 instead.

While we'll do our best to answer any question you ask, the message-length restrictions on text messaging make it best for quick answers.  If your question requires more than 160 characters to answer, we may ask for your email address or another contact method, so we can better serve you and give you a more complete answer.

Please note that depending on your service plan, sending and receiving text messages may result in charges from your provider.