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Mobile access to EBSCO databases: Search with your Smartphone!

EBSCO has just announced a new version of its databases, optimized for mobile computing devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry.  Now you can search Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, ERIC, PsycINFO, and other EBSCO databases from your smartphone.  Follow this link to get to the new mobile interface and try it out. [...]

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) is bringing its EBSCOhost databases to users—even if users are on their smartphones. EBSCO has released EBSCOhost Mobile allowing researchers to access their EBSCOhost databases via smartphones and other handheld devices.

All EBSCO databases currently available from the library’s homepage are available via EBSCOhost Mobile. The main EBSCOhost Mobile screen offers a number of options including choosing which EBSCOhost database(s) to search plus setting search options, accessing field codes and specifying preferences. Many of the existing EBSCOhost features such as search modes, limiting to full text, date ranges, peer-reviewed content or by publication are available. Users will also be able to search images from their mobile devices.

The result list is scrollable and available data includes citations, Image Quick View and access to full text articles. The result list also features a relevancy indicator and users are able to email results.

The interface has been designed with a lower resolution, simplifying the interface by removing folders and some other more advanced features for increased speed and user convenience.