Alumnae Profiles

Anne Bouse

Anne Bouse graduated from Saint Mary’s with something more.

When she graduated from Saint Mary’s in 2006, Anne Bouse was one of many women to leave campus with a certain je ne sais quoi. She also had something concrete and unique—a bachelor of arts in French and a bachelor of business administration in accounting.

Sophomore year, Anne perfected her language skills, traveled, and soaked up French art while studying abroad on the Saint Mary’s program in Dijon, France. “I’m studious, but it’s great to have a lot of learning experiences that don’t come from books,” she says. When she returned to campus, a course on business culture in the French-speaking world helped prepare her for the workplace. The summer after junior year, she landed an accounting internship in Paris, working with a European buying agent for Williams-Sonoma.

After graduation, Anne landed a position with the International Tax Services group at Ernst & Young in Chicago. She’s used her French to translate documents and speak with coworkers, and she hopes to work abroad again in the near future. Whatever comes next, Anne thinks her Saint Mary’s education—and international experience—set her apart. “It makes you a little bit different … and it definitely gives you a lot to talk about.”