Alumnae Profiles

All the way to Irelandjoy viceroy

Graduating with a double major in music and theatre in four years, Joy Viceroy ’13 applied to many graduate programs, in addition to a Fulbright Scholarship and a teaching assistant position in France. While she was accepted to almost all of the programs she applied, she chose to forgo teaching in France and exclusive theatre graduate programs to be the house director-in-training with the House of Brigid, Inc. in Ireland. “Liturgical music, diocesan outreach, and youth catechesis have all been an integral part of my spiritual life since I was a child. The position was literally a perfect fit.”

House of Brigid originated with the University of Notre Dame’s Folk Choir to save the flagging Catholic faith in Ireland. Young Catholic adults like Joy provide not only an example of faith in early adulthood, but also schedule activities, lead workshops, and direct the choir. Joy accepted the offer of house director-in-training for this year and next year will serve as house director. At Clonard Parish in Co. Wexford, Ireland, Joy will be the director of the Youth Choir and the spring Passion Play, the Diocesan Confirmation Retreat Team liaison, and the Confirmation program administrator, among several other duties.

“Saint Mary’s is one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m proud of that identity and I want to share with everyone,” Joy says. She credits Saint Mary’s with providing her not only the opportunity to grow her faith, but also the experience and confidence necessary to take on this position in Ireland. One of her obligations with House of Brigid is the spring Passion Play, which she will write, direct, choose music, and design the set. Creating a play from beginning to end is something Joy has already accomplished thanks to her comp, or senior comprehensive project, a required research project, body of work, or exam in the major. Between the comp, the semester of conducting, and the confidence and leadership she learned, Joy says, “it’s so affirming to see how the results of my Saint Mary’s education translate into the work here.”