Brand Identity Tools

The Department of Marketing Communications (MarCom) seeks consistency in messaging and image. Stories and visuals or pictures convey the many faces, voices, and intellects that make up Saint Mary's and bring the College to life. We invite you to refer to these documents to guide all marketing efforts.

Questions about design, photography, and voice?

Saint Mary's Style Guide is a must-read document for anyone helping to market the College. It offers cues on design, photography and messaging, which helps with writing and story generation. We've broken the guide down into bite-size nuggets (below), but we recommend you take the time to read the whole document.

Help for graphic designers:

Logo Guidelines, found in the Saint Mary's Style Guide, will help graphic designers understand how the logo, French cross, and the College seal should be used. 

Colors Guidelines, found in the Saint Mary's Style Guide, provides the color pallette.

Typography Guidelines, found in the Saint Mary's Style Guide, explains fonts and usage.  

Help for photographers:

Photography Guidelines, found in the Saint Mary's Style Guide, explains image style and attributes.

Additional photo tips offer novice photographers guidance on taking good photographs.

Help for writers:

Writers' Guide offers examples and helpful hints for conveying the Saint Mary's story/brand. 

Editorial Guidelines, found in the Saint Mary's Editorial Style Guide is a quick guide on editorial elements that must be presented correctly and consistently.

Saint Mary's Editorial Style and Reference Guide is a more robust document that reviews style specific to the College as well as a review of common problems with grammar and usage.  

Brand Pillars, found in the Saint Mary's Style Guide, represent the College's highest principles, deepest commitments, and greatest achievements. All messaging should focus on providing tangible examples of these attributes. The pillars provide guidance for the type of stories MarCom seeks to tell. If you have stories like these, please email Haleigh Ehmsen, media relations associate at

Help for social media managers:

Social Media Best Practices offer goal-setting and strategic tools for managing a social media account.

Our goal is to continue to build this "tool kit" as we develop additional materials. And, as always, if you have questions or need additional information, contact MarCom and we'll do our best to help you complete your task.