New Logo for Saint Mary's College

Saint Mary’s is excited to share our new, updated logo! Highlighting the French cross — a long beloved symbol of our College — the new logo not only pays tribute to our heritage but protects the usage of a treasured, religious symbol. With a fresh new font and layout to replace the former block style, our logo will be more recognizable and easier to read even in it's smallest format.

The planned gradual adoption of the updated logo will allow you to use up existing supplies of printed materials such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, and more. So there is no need to order new supplies until you run out.

Saint Mary

Logos and Marks

The Logo

Saint Mary's College Logo

New and refreshed, the Saint Mary's College logo combines our beloved French cross with our typeset name. Click to learn all about how to properly use the logo and download files.

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The French Cross

Saint Mary's College Logo

The French cross is not only a well recognized icon of the College but a religious symbol as well. Click to read our full usage guidelines and download files.

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The College Seal

Saint Mary's College Logo

The College seal is an important mark for Saint Mary's and as such, can only be used under very specific circumstances. Click to learn more.

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Letterhead and Business Materials

Saint Mary's College Logo

There is a variety of business materials that may be ordered and downloaded. Remember, you are strongly encouraged to used up existing supplies and order new material only as needed. Click to get started.

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