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Strategic Plan Recommendations

  1. Complete Implementation of the Sophia Program
  2. Seek Authorization for and Begin Graduate Education in Selected Programs
  3. Support Student-Initiated Learning Experiences
  4. Reduce the Teaching Load
  5. Begin an Honors Program
  6. Build on Our Strength in Study Abroad and Global Studies
  7. Conduct External and Internal Evaluation of All Academic Programs
  8. Support a First-Class College Library
  9. Continue Our Excellent Retention and Completion Rates
  10. Target Recruitment and Retention of U.S. Minority Students and International Students
  11. Expand Intercollegiate Athletic Opportunities
  12. Become More Effective at Telling the Saint Mary’s Story
  13. Better Assist Students to Bridge Their Growing Knowledge and Skills with Practical Experience
  14. Develop a More Comprehensive Leadership Program for Students
  15. Continue Efforts to Diversify the Faculty and Staff
  16. Promote a Culture that Values and Embodies International and Multicultural Diversity
  17. Promote Understanding of Socio-Economic Differences
  18. Develop a New Campus Master Plan
  19. Improve the Campus Information Technology Services and Infrastructure
  20. Improve the Work Environment and Increase Compensation for Faculty and Staff
  21. Grow the Endowment
  22. Increase Dollars Raised and Grow Alumnae Participation in Annual Giving to the College
  23. Reduce the College’s Carbon Footprint
  24. Continue to Address Campus Maintenance