Mona Bowe

Mona BoweVice President for Enrollment Management

*Mona is both an English and a Spanish-speaking counselor and would love to chat with any families who prefer to converse in Spanish.

About Mona

I was born in Mexico City, and I received a degree in Early Childhood Education. I traveled the world with an educational program called Up with People (Viva la Gente) as a technical director and show producer, and that is where I met my husband, Mike. I have been a member of the Enrollment Team at Saint Mary's since 1995. I love to knit, read, sew, and cross stitch, but my favorite pastime is watching TV and playing with Rufus, my Maltese/Yorkie mix.

Getting to Know Mona

Current music in your iPod:
It rotates between Christian Contemporary (For King and Country, Third Day, Francesca Battastelli), Mexican ballads (Pandora, Emmanuel, Mijares, Daniela Romo), and Broadway musicals (Hamilton, Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, Cirque du Soleil shows).

Something you have tried but will never do again:
Rollercoasters! I'm deadly afraid of heights!

Your dream vacation:
Cruising in the Caribbean with my husband and my sister.

The coolest place you have visited:
Literally, the Arctic Circle in Finland, in the middle of February. I got my picture taken with the "real" Santa, who asked me if I could send my husband away and come back later ;-) 

Your favorite thing about South Bend:
The Farmer's Market. It reminds me of the markets in Mexico - amazing food and seasonal crafts.

Your favorite thing about Saint Mary's:
The community, but especially the students. They are amazing and empowered young women who will most certainly make a difference in the world! 

Mona's Admission Tip for Prospective Students

Don't guess, ask! The admission process is long and can feel complicated, but break it into smaller pieces, and call us if we can help. We would love to help!