Women's History Minor

Specialize your studies within the History department with a minor in American History, European History, Third World History, Women's History, or general History. As a Women's History minor, you will explore the political, social, and economic history of the women from all time periods and cultures. Upon the completion of the minor, you will have an advanced knowledge not only of important people and events in the history of women, but also how they have shaped our present-day society.

Minor in Women's History (12 hours)

  • HIST 324 History of Women in the United States
  • HIST 370 History of Modern European Women

Two of the following:

  • HIST 375 Women from the Global South
  • HIST 376 Chinese Women and Society
  • HIST 383 Women in Africa and the Middle East
  • HIST 408 Gender and Politics 
  • HIST 410 Studies in Women’s History
  • HIST 412 American Girlhoods
  • HIST 415 International Women’s Movements