Auditions and Scholarships

Music Scholarships Available

Scholarships (renewable annually) are available to incoming Music Majors who demonstrate a talent for and love of music, in addition to exceptional high school grades. For possible Music Education majors, we consider the student's potential for excellence as a music educator.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an interview/audition that must occur before April 1, 2015. Your audition can be scheduled during a time that you are already on campus or at another mutually convenient time.

Components of the interview/audition include:

  • Audition: performance on your instrument or voice. Contact Dr. Nancy Menk, Department Chair, for questions about suitable repertoire. An accompanist will be provided.
  • Interview: questions about your background, your aspirations, and a short skills exam
  • Portfolio: possible entries include a resume, transcripts, concert programs, list of repertoire, performance CD, original compositions (for students interested in composition)


Auditioning for the Music Major

Download our audition form (doc) and return by fax or mail.

An initial audition is required for a student to be admitted to the department as a music major. The audition may take place during a campus visit in the student's senior year of high school, or at juries in the fall semester of the student's first year at Saint Mary's. Repertoire should generally be chosen from pieces in the classical tradition, usually coached by a private instructor. Typical selections might be:

  • Voice: one Italian art song, one song or aria in English
  • Piano: a Bach two-part invention, a Chopin etude
  • Violin, Flute, etc: a technical etude, one movement from a solo sonata

There are situations, however, when a student has not had the opportunity to study privately on her instrument. We have worked with such students in developing their performing skills throughout the college years, and have found that they often make the best educators. If you are unsure about your skill level or the repertoire you should present for audition, please contact Dr. Nancy Menk. We are glad to guide you in this process.