George Trey, Chair

George Trey

    Chair, Philosophy Department
        Associate Professor of Philosophy


George Trey   


Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Department of Philosophy
Saint Mary's College
26 Spes Unica Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 284-4547

Office: 160 E. Spes Unica Hall


Professor Trey teaches courses in contemporary social thought as well as the history of modern philosophy, and is an active contributor to the Justice Education Program at Saint Mary's. He is the author of numerous scholarly papers that intersect with a wide range of political thinkers, but his area of special expertise is critical theory in the European tradition. He has a book recently out from SUNY press, Solidarity and Difference: The Politics of Enlightment in the Aftermath of Modernity, and is currently at work on its sequel. In addition to his scholarly publications, which tackle the theory of political discourse, he also contributes regularly to the on-going practice of that discourse through publications directed at broader, non-academic audiences.