Michael Waddell


Michael Waddell

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
      The Edna and George McMahon Aquinas Chair in Philosophy

          B.A., Cornell College, 1993, summa cum laude
       Master of Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame, 1996
        Ph.D., Medieval Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2000




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Department of Philosophy
Saint Mary's College
4 Spes Unica Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 284-4169
E-Mail: mwaddell@saintmarys.edu

Office: 157 E. Spes Unica Hall

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            Dr. Waddell’s work focuses primarily on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, medieval philosophy, and the Catholic intellectual tradition more broadly.  Within these areas, he is particularly interested in questions about the nature of reason, faith, and other ways of encountering the world and God (including those that might be considered supernatural or mystical).  Most recently, he has been exploring ways in which the Jewish and Islamic philosophical traditions helped to shape Aquinas’s views and might therefore continue to contribute to Catholic discourse about important philosophical and theological topics.

            Dr. Waddell has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, Medieval Philosophy (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic), the Philosophy of Religion, the Philosophy of Human Nature, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, and the Greek language.  Among his more personalized courses he counts a class about the purpose of human life entitled “Happiness and the Good Life,” and he looks forward to pursuing his developing interest in the philosophy and theology of (cognitive) disabilities in his teaching at Saint Mary’s.

            Most importantly, Dr. Waddell finds his vocation in being the husband of Dr. Jennifer Rotondo Waddell (an academic psychologist) and in being the father of his three daughters (Grace, Sophia and Olivia).