Megan Halteman-Zwart


Megan Halteman Zwart

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

B.A., Calvin College, 2000
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 2010 




Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Department of Philosophy
Saint Mary's College
10 Spes Unica Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 284-4503

Office: 158 E. Spes Unica Hall

Megan Halteman Zwart teaches courses in medical ethics, philosophy of social justice, philosophy of language and interpretation as well as the history of philosophy. In her teaching, she is particularly interested in investigating philosophy as a way of life, both in the historical texts of thinkers who saw philosophy as a mode of living aimed at formation, as well as in contemporary applied issues of bioethics and social and political philosophy. Her current research reassesses the appropriation of Plato by Martin Heidegger. She argues that contrary to the commonly-held view that Heidegger is unfair and uncharitable to Plato, in fact Heidegger shares considerable sympathy with the Plato of myth and allegory.