Philosophy Major

                            Required Courses for the Major

(1) Introduction to Philosophical Thinking

  • PHIL 110:  Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 220:  Introduction to Logic

(2) Sequence in the History of Philosophy

  • PHIL 230:  Socrates to Scholasticism
  • PHIL 331:  Descartes to Skepticism
  • PHIL 332:  Kant and Critics

(3) Area Requirements

  • A course in Metaphysics or Epistemology (PHIL 240-249; PHIL 340-349)
  • A course in Value Theory (PHIL 250-259; PHIL 350-359)
    (Note: At least one of these two courses must be 300 level.)

(4) Capstone experience

  • PHIL 495:  Senior Seminar: New Methods in Philos
  • PHIL 496:  Senior Thesis or PHIL 300/400-level Elective
  • PHIL 354:  Ethics

(Note: Majors completing senior comprehensives in the Philosophy department choose between writing a research paper or taking an exam. Those who write research papers receive three semester hours credit towards their major for Senior Thesis (496). Majors intending to complete their senior comprehensive in philosophy must fulfill the college Advanced W requirement in the Philosophy Department.)