Assessment Committee

Charge of the Assessment Committee:

The Assessment Committee serves as the principal committee on assessment.  The Committee reports to the Senior Vice President and Dean of Faculty.  In coordinating assessment activities and resources, the Committee works in conjuction with academic departments, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President of Mission and the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.  The Assessment Committee:

(a) acts as a resource, channeling appropriate advice and assistance on assessment issues to departments, faculty, and administrators of the College;

(b) fosters college-wide discussion of assessment of student achievement;

(c) serves as an advisory committee regarding policies related to assessment;

(d) recommends applications for assessment grants to the Senior Vice President and Dean of Faculty;

(e) collaborates with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and other relevant committees on assessment projects, including those related to accreditation.

Upcoming external assessment conferences/professional development opportunities

Upcoming Saint Mary's Assessment Workshops/Presentations