Psychology Faculty

 Teresa Aubele-Futch

Teresa M. Aubele-Futch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • B.S. Southhampton College of Long Island University
  • Ph.D. Stony Brook University

Areas of Interest: Neuroscience, neuroanatomy, animal behavior.  Gonadal hormones (e.g. testosterone) and their effects on complex behavior (e.g. decision making).


Karen Chambers  

Karen Chambers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

  • B.A. State University of New York at Buffalo
  • M.S. Kent State University
  • Ph.D. Kent State University

Areas of Interest: Memory and eyewitness memory, in particular, psychology and the law, and media influences on the perception of natural disaster survivors.





Catherine Pittman

Catherine Pittman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

  • B.S. Central Michigan University
  • Ph.D. Northern Illinois University

Areas of Interest: Psychotherapy & rehabilitation, brain injury, neuropsychology, LGBT issues, anxiety disorders, recovery from sexual assault and other trauma.



Alissa Russell: Assistant Professor of Psychology

Alissa Russell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • B.A. University of Notre Dame
  • M.A. University of Notre Dame
  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame

Areas of Interest:  Lifespan Development, Adult Development & Aging, Control, Emotion Regulation, Daily Affect, and the intersection of global and daily measures of well-being.





 Bettina Spencer

Bettina Spencer, Ph.D. (Chair)
Associate Professor of Psychology

  • B.A. Eugene Lang College
  • M.A. The New School for Social Research
  • Ph.D. The New School for Social Research

Areas of Interest: Stereotyping and prejudice, stereotype threat, perceptions of low-income individuals, rape myths and rape blame, dehumanization and violence.



 Rebecca Stoddart

Rebecca Stoddart, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

  • B.A. The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
  • Ph.D. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Areas of Interest: Communicative and social skill development, attention deficit disorder in adolescents, college women's majors and career interests, writing and teaching pedagogy.