Sociology Movie List

****Any movies can be signed out by any faculty member for use in class. If a student wants to use a movie for a project or any purpose, this can be done with approval from her department for which the video will be in use for, as well as approval by Susan Alexander. If the video is not returned to the Sociology Department or Susan Alexander, the Department involved is responsible for replacing the video.


SV A014 & Thou Shalt Honor…
SV L006 Living Old
SV A003 Who Will Take Care of You When You Are Old?


SV A015 Another America: Appalachia (48 Hrs, Dec ’89)
SV L004 Appalachia: Another America
SV B001 Barbara Kopple’s Harlan County USA
SV B007 Born Rich
SV C008 Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class
SV C022 Concept of Wealth and Poverty Inventing Reality, The
SV C024 Country Boys
SV D002 Down and Out in America
SV E003 Evolution of Society: A History of Social Classes, The
SV G003 The Great Depression (Part I)
SV K003 Kamp Katrina

SV G003 New Deal, NY (Part II)
SV C006 One Paycheck from Poverty: Working Poor in US
SV P003 People Like Us: Social Class in America
SV P006 Poverty Outlaw
SV R004 Rich in America, The
SV R005 Rich World, Poor Women
SV S011 Social Class
SV I005 Strike of 1934
SV A011 Throw-Away Kids
SV W002 Throwaway Kids: Abandoned Children
SV P010 Working Class Life in America: Religion and Race
SV W007 Working Poor in America: Climbing Down the Escalator.


SV A024 Affluenza
SV A007 All the Right Stuff
SV B002 Barbie Nation (2003)
CSE B010 Big One, The
CSE B011 Big Time Losers
SV C025 Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
SV E002 Escape from Afluenza
SV H007 How to get really fat without trying (ABC News Special '03)
SV I005 Is TV Killing Our Kids?
SV M005 Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
SV M013 Merchants of Cool, The
SV M010 Merchants of Cool, The
SV M008 The Monster that Ate Hollywood (Frontline, PBS)
SV N002 No Logo: Brands, Globalization, Resistance
SV O003 Overspent American, The
SV P004 Persuaders, The
SV P012 The Public Mind: Consuming Images
CSE R007 Roger & Me
SV S002 Secrect History of the Credit Card
SV S003 Secrets of Silicon Valley
SV S005 Selling the Dream: Advertising in America (PBS Feb. ’91)
SV S010 Signal to the Noise:  Life with Television
SV S015 Store  Wars: When Wal-mart  Comes to Town
SV T003 Toxic Sludge is Good for You (2003)


CSE A022 Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
SV B003 Biology and Crime
CSE B018 Bowling for Columbine

SV C023 Crime, Violence, and TV News
SV D001 Death Penalty
SV P005 Death Penalty: Murder at Midnight
SV D004 Drinking and Crime
SV K002 Drug Dealing
SV G005 Gun Control
SV I002 Insanity Defense
SV I003 Inside Prisons
CSE J005 Juvenile Justice-Frontline
SV J003 Juvenile Offenders
SV K001 Kids and Chemicals
SV K002 Kids with Guns
CSE L007 Licensed to Kill
SV A011 LSD: Return Trip
SV I004 Michiana Report (D. Pilgram on mass murderers)
CSE M011 Monster
SV O001 Old Enough To Kill, Old Enough To Serve Time: 12 Yr-Old Child Killer (60 min ’91)
SV O002 Our Kids: Armed and Dangerous
SV P005 Pornography in the USA
SV P007 Predicting Criminality
SV P010 Prostitution in NY
SV Q001 Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment
SV R006 Right to Die: Nancy Cruzan Case (Frontline debate, Dec ’89)
SV S001 Search and Seizure
SV D002 Sexual Abuse of Children
SV S008 Sexual Harassment: Thomas vs. Hill
SV S012 Someone You Know: Acquaintance Rape (30 min)
SV O002 Street Wise in Seattle: Story of a runaway prostitute
SV V001 Victims
CSE W010 What I Want My Words to Do to You
SV W001 What’s the Common Ground on Euthanasia?
CSE W009 When Kids Get Life
SV W004 Women Doing Time (48 Hrs, Nov ’89)
SV K002 Women Gang Members


CSE M009 Moscow on the Hudson
CSE T004 Through Deaf Eyes



SV A009 America: What Went Wrong?


SV A012 America’s Schools: Who Gives a Damn? (Part I and II)
SV S008 Cheating in College
SV W006 Children in America’s Schools (Bill Moyers)
SV S004 Secrets of the SAT
SV E001 Social Problems: Education (Sociology Volume V)
SV P005 Violence in the Schools


CSE A016 A Fish Story
CSE A017 An Inconvenient Truth-A Global Warning
SV C005 Changing Nature: Population and Environmental at a Crossroads
SV L003 Chernobyl Four Years After (60 Minutes, Sept. ’90)
SV F007 Fury For the Sound
SV F008 Future of Food, The
SV G002 Global Dumping Ground: Disposal of Toxic Waste (Frontline, PBS Oct ’90)
SV H003 Henry: One Man’s Way
SV S016 Subdivide and Conquer


SV C006 Adoption: Open Adoption
SV A003 Adoption: Social Worker Sells Babies
SV B009 Burning Bed: Spouse Abuse, The
CSE B017 Burning Bed, The
SV S006 Child Sex Abuse: The Shame of Rush Springs
SV F005 The First Year
SV F006 For Better or Worse: Marriage in the 1990’s
SV L005 Let's Get Married
SV M006 Marriages and Families (Sociology Volume II)
SV M015 Motherhood Manifesto, The

SV S006 Religious Cult called “Family”


SV D002 Bananas: Woody Allen
SV B005 Blade Runner  1982
SV B019 Blade Runner: The Director's Cut

SV D002 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, but Were Afraid to Ask
SV G001 Gandhi
SV T005 H.G. Wells' Things To Come
SV T001 Things To Come


SV A002 A Gathering of Men: Men’s feelings, roles, father-son relationships (Bill Moyer, PBS ’91)
SV L004 The Better Sex?
SV B006 Body Image For Boys (2003)
SV C003 Century of Women (Work and the Family and Sexuality and Social Justice)
SV C004 Century of Women: (Image and the Popular Culture, Part III)
SV C023 Cosmetic Tattooing
CSE D005 Double Dare
SV D003 Dream Worlds II: Desire, Sex, and the Power of Music Video
SV F010 Famine Within, The
SV F001 Fast Food Women
SV F003 Fatherhood USA (Juggling Family and Work)
SV M004 Female Icon Idolized
SV E002 Fly Girls
SV K002 Gloria Steinam on Feminism
SV S008 Good Looks: The Importance of Beauty
SV G004 Guilty Madonnas: Working Women’s Attitudes About Daycare (52 min)
SV J002 Just For the Ride (Women Cowgirls)
SV L004 Letters From Vietnam
SV M014 Mardi Gras: Made in China
SV M001 Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink)  Columbia/Tri-Star Film
SV M007 Men, Women, and the Sex Difference
CSE N005 North Country
SV S009 Sexual Stereotypes in Media: Superman and the Bride
SV T002 Tough Guise

SV T008 Tough Guise 2
SV W005 Women in Hate Groups
SV L002 Women of Courage: Female Pilots during WWII
SV W006 Women Outside, The (P.O.V. on Korean Women; US Military)


SV M014 Mardi Gras: Made in China

Health Care

SV A011 America's Health Care: Going Broke
SV K002 Autism
SV M004 Making of a Doctor: 7 Years of Medical Education, The


SV S007 "1776" (Film about writing/signing Declaration of Independence)
CSE F009 Fahrenheit 9/11
SV P001 People and the Power Game: Media, Lobbyists, and Politics
SV P002 People and the Power Game, The(Part1: Lobbies and the Media-Unelected Powers Part2: Congress and the Presidency)

CSE W008 Wag the Dog
SV W011 When the Levees Broke: A Requiemin Four Acts (Acts I-II; Acts III-IV)


SV H004 A Class Divided: Experiment in Race Relations
SV A004 Africans & Americans: America’s Journey Through Slavery DVD
SV A005 Africans & Americans: America’s Journey Through Slavery DVD
SV A006 Against the Odds: Black Men of the Mean Streets of America (48 Hrs, ’91)
SV M003 America and the Holocaust: Decent and Deception (80 mins.)
SV A013 And I Still Rise
SV I004 Aryan Nation (M. Dorney talk show)
SV M007 Biracial Children: Japanese Americans
SV B004 Black Men: Uncertain Futures (PBS Feb. ’91)
SV B008 Boys and Girls are Different/Men and Women-Sexual Differences
SV C001 Casting Calls: Hollywood and the Ethnic Villian
SV C006 Chicago Poor Under Siege:  Robert Taylor Homes
SV C007 Children of the Harvest (1998)
SV C021 Color Adjustment
SV I004 Crossfire (MLK Day ’88)
CSE C025 C.S.A. The Confederate States of America
SV E004 Exclusionary Rule
SV E005 Eye of the Storm: Prejudice and Discrimination Education, The
SV H001 Hate on Trial: White Racism Trial of Skinheads (Part I)
SV H002 Hate on Trial: White Racism Trial on Skinheads (Part II)
SV H004 The Hidden Tribe: Araras of Brazil
SV H005 Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes
SV H006 Hoop Dreams
SV I004 Into the Heartland (white supremacy ’87)
SV I006 The Issue is Race (Phil Donahue)
SV J001 Journey to America: Immigration (PBS Jan. ’91)
SV M007 Justice in Black and Whites
SV L001 LA Riots and a View of History
SV L002 Legacy of Shame: Immigrant/Slave Labor
SV M002 Malcolm X Part I (2 hours)
SV M003 Malcolm X Part II (15 mins.)
SV M012 Maquilapolis: City of Factories
SV N001 Nazi Concentration Camps (60)
CSE N003 N' Word, The
SV H004 Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Immigration
SV I004 Phil Donahue (Howard Beach 1/8/88)
SV P008 The Promised Land-Part I: Anywhere but Here-Part II: Sweet Home Chicago
SV P009 The Promised Land-Part III: Standing at the Crossroads-Part IV: More Angry than Afraid
SV P010 Race Relations between Black and White
SV R001 Race Relations in America
SV M004 Race: America in Black and White

SV S006 Separate, but Equal: Black Student Segregation
SV S014 The Spirit of The Crazy Horse (PBS)
SV A003 Tuskegee Experiments on Blacks
SV U001 Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common Ground
SV W011 When the Levees Broke: A Requiemin Four Acts (Acts I-II; Acts III-IV)
SV W003 White Aryan Resistance Movement (20/20, Jan ’91)


CSE J004 Jesus Camp
SV I005 New Religions: The Cult Question
SV R003 Religion and Culture: India, Jordan, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt, Canada, Angola, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, s. Africa, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, and others

Sexual Identity

SV C002 Celluloid Closet, The
SV D006 Daddy & Papa
SV R002 Gays in the Military
SV I001 In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents
SV L003 Lesbian Families
SV R002 The Rainbow Curriculum: Teaching About Gay Families in NY schools
SV W002 When One Spouse is Gay


CSE I007 Inside Deep Throat, R-Rated Version


SV A023 ABC News: Introductory Sociology, Volume 3
SV A008 Ally and Bacon:  Introduction to Sociology Video (2 copies)
SV A010 American Sociological Association: 99th Annual Meeting '04
SV C009 CNN: Sociology Today Volume II A
SV C010 CNN: Sociology Today Volume II B
SV C011 CNN: Sociology Today Volume III A
SV C012 CNN: Sociology Today Volume III B
SV C013 CNN: Sociology Today Volume IV A
SV C014 CNN: Sociology Today Volume IV B
SV C015 CNN: Sociology Today Volume V A
SV C016 CNN: Sociology Today Volume V B
SV C017 CNN: Sociology Today Volume VI A
SV C018 CNN: Sociology Today Volume VI B
SV C019 CNN: Sociology Today Volume VII A
SV C020 CNN: Sociology Today Volume VII B

SV F004 First Measured Century, The
SV P011 Protecting Human Subjects


SV A001 A Dangerous Business
CSE N004 No Longer, 9 to 5



CSE A018 Awful Truth, The-The Complete First Season Volume 1
CSE A019 Awful Truth, The-The Complete First Season Volume 2
CSE A020 Awful Truth, The-The Complete Second Season Volume 1
CSE A021 Awful Truth, The-The Complete Second Season Volume 2
CSE B012 Basic Instncts Part I-ABC News
CSE B013 Basic Instincts Part II-ABC News
CSE B014 Basic Instincts Part III-ABC News
CSE B015 Basic Instincts Part IV-What Would You Do?-ABC News
CSE B016 Basic Instincts Part VI-ABC News

SV D002 Heaven Help Us
CSE P013 Paper Clips
SV S013 Sometimes in April


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