Sociology Club

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The Sociology Club's purpose is to promote an alliance among Sociology majors and minors, along with all others interested in the field of sociology. The club strives to promote unity and to improve scholarship among students, and it seeks to provide a hospitable forum in addition to the formal classroom setting for discussing and actively approaching sociological issues.

2012-2013 Officers

  Alyssa Carty, President

  Abby Madsen, Vice President

  Caroline Keep, Treasurer

  Caitlyn Holman, Secretary

  Courtney Albrecht, Community Relations

  Meghan Dillon and Kaleigh Fields, PR/Advertising

  Molly Harmon, Student Academic Council



2010-2011 Officers

SOC Club 2010-11

  Colleen Lowry, President
Kelly Reidenbach, Vice President
Meg Campbell, Treasurer
Denise Lopez, Secretary
Jessica Doherty and Kelsey Lerner, PR/Advertising
Ashley Feely and Mary Wilkom, Fundfraising
Mara Martinzez and Sarah Mayer, Community Relations
Mia VanNostrand, SAC representative
Kelli Minor, Sociology Assessment Committee
Maura Sommers, Assistant Newsletter Editor
Faculty Advisor, Dr. Leslie Wang


Each year students in the Sociology Club sponsor numerous events including both academic and social activities. From departmental "Brown Bags" focusing on professional research to “Movie Night" at which contemporary films are analyzed for sociological content, the activities are designed to increase a student's appreciation of sociology. Watch for flyers announcing upcoming events!

2009-2010 Officers

SOC Club 2009-2010

President: Sarah Rompola
Vice-President: Colleen Lowry
Treasurer: Nichole Galullo
Secretary: Carly Zagaroli
SAC representative: Nori Drac
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carrie Erlin

2008-2009 Officers

group of sociology club students

 President: Meg Frechette
Vice-President: Sarah Rompola
Treasurer: Meghan McEvoy-Hein
Secretary: Ashley Bruce
SAC representative: Amanda Deja
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leslie Wang

2007-2008 Officers

group of club members

President: Stephanie Petty
Vice-President: Meg Frechette
Treasurer: Nicole Loughridge
Secretary: Meggan Patty
SAC representative: Audrey Ballinger
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leslie Wang

2006-2007 Officers

group of club officers

President: Chelsea Gulling
Vice-President: Nicole Loughridge
Treasurer: Anna Konger
Secretary: Maribeth Sarnecki
SAC representative: Laura Frechette
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leslie Wang