Faculty Assembly

Regular Meeting Dates, Fall 2014


All regular monthly meetings are on Wednesdays from noon-1p.m. (with the exception of the first meeting, held on College Forum Day.) The times of special meetings of the Assembly, if needed, will be announced.

Meetings will be held in Vander Vennet.

Fall Semester

August 20 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm.  
September 10  
October 1  
November 5  
December 3  


Organizational Structure Chart

Contingency Plan

Procedure For Updating Governance Manual-Draft

Suggestions to Faculty Assembly- Faculty evals

(Links to older materials that faculty may still wish to access are now located at the bottom of this page.)




Other Information


Executive Committee

Visual overview of GenEd committee structure (PDF)

Representation on the GenEd Curriculum Committee (DOC)