Summer School Policy

During the summer, Saint Mary's students may take courses at another institution for transfer credit. Saint Mary's accepts a maximum of 6 credits for a single summer session or 9 credits for two sessions under the following conditions:

  • The course must be approved in advance by an advisor in the Academic Affairs and First Year Studies Office (121 Le Mans Hall.)
  • Credit will be granted only for a grade of C or better. The grade will NOT be averaged as part of the Saint Mary's grade point average.
  • The course must be taken at a regionally accredited college.
  • A student may not ordinarily take a course at another university during the summer if the same course is offered as an online course at Saint Mary's.

To obtain approval for a summer school course, you must provide the catalog description of the course you intend to take (the title is not sufficient). The application form for approval of summer school is available in the Academic Affairs and First Year Studies Office or as a .pdf file from our website. If your application is approved, you should pick up a copy for your records before you leave campus for the summer.

Courses taken in summer school usually count as elective credit toward the 128 hours required for graduation. Occasionally a student may take a major requirement in the summer, but she must have the approval of the department chair, and this is given only under special circumstances. General education requirements must be taken at Saint Mary's College.  Exceptions are made only for special circumstances.

If you have any questions about summer school credit, please call or stop in the Academic Affairs and First Year Studies Office.