Transfer Credit Policy

General:  Courses completed with a grade of "C" or better at regionally accredited colleges and universities (community and junior colleges are included), in areas of study available at Saint Mary's, are transferable.  Grades earned through transfer credit are recorded on the student's permanent record but are not averaged into the Saint Mary's College grade point average.  Quarter credits will be converted to semester hours.  No credit will be awarded for duplicate courses.

New Transfer Students:  Students who transfer to the College must complete at least 60 semester hours and one-half of the major requirements at Saint Mary's.  The major departments determine how to apply courses taken in the major, and Academic Affairs and First Year Studies determine how courses are applied to the College General Education requirements.

Continuing Students:  All courses taken at another college or university must be approved in advance or acceptance of transfer credit is not guaranteed.  A maximum of six semester hours may be taken in a single summer session or nine in two summer sessions.  Transfer credit is generally elective credit.

Pre-College:  No credit will be awarded for courses taken before a student completes her 10th year of high school. Transfer credit is generally elective credit.

Articulation Agreement:  The College has an articulation agreement with Ancilla College. For more information on course equivalencies, please contact Academic Affairs and First Year Studies.