Graduate School


Where can you go with a Humanistic Studies degree?

Attending graduate school in humanistic disciplines (history, literature, art, etc.) and law school are natural “next steps” for many our students. Majoring in HUST gives these students an edge in the application process as they explain what makes them, and their major, unique. This is especially true given that today’s graduate programs are increasinlgy putting a premium on interdisciplinary thinking.

Since 2010, Humanistic Studies graduates have attended graduate school, law school or medical school at the University of Notre Dame, Villanova, Michigan State, Indiana University, Tulane University, the University of Illinois, Tufts University, the University of London, Wayne State University and Valparaiso University.


What resources are there?

To answer student questions about graduate school, the faculty hold a brief symposium every fall entitled "Graduate School in the Humanities." In addition to discussing their own experiences in graduate school, faculty members address the questions of when and whether to go to graduate school; where to go; what to study; how to pay for it. Relevant articles are available on the department blog.

Numerous scholarships and fellowships can help finance graduate study. One very generous but very competitive program that covers the first year of study in a PhD program is the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies A useful site for researching graduate programs by subject area and geography is:

Rather than specialize with a MA or PhD in an individual discipline, some of our graduates wish to continue the sort of broadly based, interdisciplinary study they have experienced in Humanistic Studies. A number of graduate programs cater to this interest, including:

  • Master of Arts Program
    Committee on General Studies in the Humanities
    The University of Chicago

  • Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts (PhD Program)
    Emory University

  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
    Georgetown University

  • Arts & Letters Program (M.Litt, D.Litt)
    Drew University (Madison, NJ)

  • The Graduate Institute Program in Liberal Arts
    St. John's College (Annapolis, MD; Santa Fe, NM)

  • PhD in Comparative Studies
    Florida Atlantic University

  • Cultural Studies Program (MA, PhD)
    Claremont Graduate University

  • Comparative Studies in Literature and the Arts (MA, PhD)
    The University Professors
    Boston University