Independent Study/Internship

Independent Study and Internships

A few opportunities for internships and independent study occur each semester. The faculty has a right to refuse credit for any proposal and to limit the number of approved proposals each semester. Approved proposals must be relevant to the aims of the Humanistic Studies Program. Credits earned in an internship or an independent study count as electives; they do not count towards the course requirements of the major or minor.

Internships (HUST 499)
Interested students should contact the Chair to develop a formal proposal, which is submitted to the faculty as a whole for its consideration. In recent years, interning Humanistic Studies majors have been placed with the following organizations: Legal Services of Northern Indiana; The Northern Indiana Center for History; The Wellness Center (University of Notre Dame); The College Football Hall of Fame; South Bend Center for the Homeless; Office of Public Relations (Saint Mary's College); The Snite Museum of Art (University of Notre Dame); The South Bend Symphony Orchestra.

Independent study (HUST 497)
Interested students should contact the professor with whom they wish to conduct the independent study. If the faculty member agrees to participate, they work out a plan of study and determine the number of credit hours to be earned (1-3 credits possible).