What can you do with a Humanistic Studies degree?

Our most recent graduates have landed jobs in corporate communications, non-profit administration, teaching, and publishing. For example, Katy Karr ('06) is a communications assistant for Bank of America, New York; Anne DeCleene (2003) is a civil rights complaint investigator; Michelle Sherman (’08) teaches high school in New York City; Michelle Biersmith Hennings (2004) works for the Lyric Opera in Chicago (human resources); Kirsten Kensinger (’07) volunteers with the Peace Corps in Guatemala; Katherine Docter (2004) is a school psychologist; Kate Williams (’07) works with the Indianapolis Peace Institute; Kristine King ('08) works in the operations office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer; Rachel Berg Walters (2006) is a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army; Cara Ford (’00) is an assistant registrar at Mills College in California; Tiffany McIver (2007) is a tour guide in Rome and Regan Doherty (’97) was the Associated Press correspondent in Jerusalem before coming to her current position writing for a magazine in Bahrain that focuses on economics throughout the Persian Gulf region. Other popular careers for HUST majors include museum work, library and information sciences, business, sales, and insurance.

To give an indication of the wide variety of careers available to HUST graduates, a very brief sampling of graduates and their occupations follows:

Jayne Ader '92
Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder, CORE/El Centro, a non-profit natural healing center

Angie Little Berg '00
Attorney, Business, Tax, and Real Estate Department, Barnes & Thornburg, Indianapolis

Paula Lawton Bevington '58
Chairman, Servidyne Systems, Inc.

Mary L. Burke '85
consultant on corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures; formerly Chief Financial Officer, Imperial Sugar Company

Mary Griffin Burns '62
Supervisory Attorney, Office of the Public Guardian, Chicago

Melissa Buss '04
teacher of English as a foreign language, Japanese Embassy Teaching program

Elizabeth O'Connor Chandler '70
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Chicago

Paula DeLisle '75
Hong Kong Managing Director, PRC, Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Nora Barry Fischer '73
U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Cristina Grassi '99
The Health Care Chaplaincy, New York City

Elise Hall '00
Administrative and Programming Assistant, Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis, Missouri

Margaret FitzGibbons Higgins '73
National Human Resources Director for Tax, KPMG

Margaret M. Hill '61
theatrical producer, attorney, New York City

Molly Kahn '01
English teacher, Dunlap High School, Peoria, Illinois

Melissa Kill '00
production assistant, CNN, Atlanta

Mary Anne Luzar '72
Chief, Regulatory Affairs Branch, Division of AIDS, National Institute of Health

Lisa Maxbauer '99
freelance writer; formerly Associate Editor, Physician's Weekly

Diane Daly McGarry '70
President, North American General Markets Group, Xerox Corporation

Susan McGury '80
Assistant Professor of English, DePaul University

Ashley Ratcliffe '97
trial lawyer, St. Louis, Missouri

Susan F. Rice '61
President, SFR Consulting; Past President, League of Women Voters of California

Monica Schuler '62
Professor of History, Wayne State University

Nancy Strzelecki '95
Office of Political Affairs, Consulate General of Japan at Chicago

Sally Thompson '00
ranger trainee, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Mary Warnement '91
Reference Librarian, Boston Athenaeum,Boston, Massachusetts

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