Service & Volunteer


What other options are there?

In recent years especially, more and more of our graduates are entering service or volunteer programs upon graduation. In 2011, a HUST graduate and the Thomas More Award winner, Molly Schall, was hired by Teach for America. Kirsten Kensinger (’07) volunteers with the Peace Corps in Guatemala, and Rachel Berg Walters (2006) is a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army. In the years 2000 and 2001, of the five Saint Mary's graduates accepted into the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), four were HUST majors (Kathy Steinlage, Carolyn Kelley, Ellen Wright, and Molly Kahn). 

Recently our students have had successful experiences with the following programs:

A site that may help students learn about similar opportunities is the Catholic Network of Volunteer Services