Department Awards

The Department of Political Science presents two awards to graduating senior majors in the department:


Juliette Noone Lester Award

The Juliette Noone Lester Award is presented to a graduating senior who has outstanding academic achievement in political science.

2009 Kasey Murray
2008 Lesley Weaver
2007 Caroline Stancukas

Amy Kelley & Sarah Staley

2005 Lauren Fabina
2003 Darcey Palmer
2002 Ellen Higgins & Elizabeth Salata
2001 Kristina Jacobucci
2000 Natalie O'Donnell
1999 Madeline Carpinelli
1997 Leecia Anderson
1996 Amanda Asbury
1995 Edie Gierenger & Laura Scully
1994 Megan Irvan
1993 Martha Conlin
1992 Nicole DeMattheis
1991 Anne Brady


Louis R. Tondreau Award

The Louis R. Tondreau Award is presented to a graduating senior for distinguished service in extracurricular and professional activities in the political science major.

2009 Audrey Anweiler
2008 Maria Balata & Katie Thompson
2005 Elia Sanchez
2004 Vanessa Hetrick
2003 Gabrielle Campo
2001 Melissa Pennington
1999 Carolyn Sarnecki
1998 Tara Mooney

Honors Theses

Finally, the department awards the Honors designation on senior theses that significantly exceed the standards for successful completion of this requirement. The thesis must conduct a substantial literature review, engage a thorough analysis of the question, display insight into the topic, and be well written and well organized.

2008 Lesley Weaver
2005 Lisa Chester & Lauren Fabina
2004 Meg Hood
2003 Melissa Bulak & Jessica White
2002 Ellen Higgins & Elizabeth Salata
2001 Kristina Jacobucci
1999 Maire Dempsey & Madeline Carpinelli
1997 Kathryn Kozacic