Honors designation on senior thesis

  1. Eligibility: All majors writing their senior thesis in residence at Saint Mary's College. The thesis may be done in any of the recognized subfields of political science (American politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Public law, International relations).
  2. Requirements: All deadlines (for submission of topic, outline, etc.) must be met. The final thesis must be submitted to the student's advisor by March 28, 2014.
  3. Procedure: Individual faculty will screen all theses which are submitted to them and nominate those theses which may merit the designation of "honors". Each thesis will then be evaluated by two other members of the department. To receive the designation of "honors", the thesis must be nominated and receive the approval of at least one of the two other members of the department. Faculty will evaluate each thesis based on the criteria set out in 4).
  4. Criteria for honors:
    • Adequacy of literature review
    • Thoroughness of analysis
    • Insight (theoretical, philosophical, methodological)
    • Writing (clarity and style)
    • Organization
  5. The designation "Completed with honors" will appear on the transcripts of those students receiving this honor.

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