Waitlist Instructions for Faculty and Students





The following procedure has been established to facilitate the “electronic” waitlist process in Banner/PRISM predicated by the desire of the faculty to be able to choose who is added to the course from the waitlist.

The intent of this procedure is for the faculty member to have control over who receives permission to enroll in a full course that has a waitlist. Granting permission via PRISM or Banner to the student selected to add the course from the waitlist allows the student to register for the course in PRISM.

Waitlist Guidelines

  • Once a course has reached maximum enrollment, a student may be given the option to be added to a wait list.
  • Being added to the wait list does not mean a student will automatically be added to a class if an opening occurs.
  • The instructor has complete control over who gets added to the course.
  • Theinstructor will receive an email notification when a student is added to the waitlist so he/she is aware that there are students on the waitlist.
  • The instructor will receive an email notification when an opening occurs.  At this point the instructor must select the student(s) that may be added to the class.  (Each instructor determines his/her own criterion for selecting the student, i.e., first-come-first-served; senior, etc.)
  • When selecting a student to fill the opening, the instructor should follow the steps below in PRISM.
  • The student will have 48 hours to add the course during PRISM registration (after advance registration in the department) or during the add period at the start of the semester.  See the Academic Calendar for exact dates each semester.
  • The student will have 24 hours to add the course once classes start in the Fall or Spring semester. The time frame is shorter once classes start so openings can be filled ASAP.
  • If the student fails to add the course during the allotted time, the permission will be removed and she will not be able to add the course.
  • After receiving the email notification, if the student is no longer interested in adding this course she should notify the instructor as soon as possible, and also drop the waitlisted course via PRISM.



  1. LOGIN:  Login to the Faculty and Advisors menu on PRISM.
  2. VIEW WAITLIST:  View the Summary or Detail Waitist to determine who should be added to the class.  (You may be asked for term and CRN each time.)  The Detail Waitlist gives you the student’s major information as well as the “Registration Number” (the order in which the student was added to the wait list in case you want to choose “first-come-first-served”).
  3. SELECT AND NOTIFY STUDENT:  Click on the email icon next to the student selected to send the student an email telling her she may add the class:  (write down her ID, you will need it in Step 4). 
    1. Include the following information in the email:   Course CRN, Department and number, ( e.g., 70250 - ART 223)
    2. Add statement: “If you are no longer interested in adding this course, please notify me as soon as possible.”
    3. Allow the student 24 hours to add the course, especially if more than one student appears on the wait list.

  4. GRANT PERMISSION ON PRISM: The faculty member must give the student “electronic” permission via PRISM to add the course.
    1. Go to the Advisor Menu, select Registration Overrides.
    2. If the correct student’s name appears, go to c) below. If the correct student’s name does NOT appear continue below:
      1. Return to Advisor menu
      2. Select “ID Selection”.
      3. Enter the student’s ID or name. Submit.
      4. If the student’s name is correct, click on Submit and then click on Registration Overrides. Continue with c) below.
      5. If the student’s name is NOT correct, click on Submit and start with 2) above until the correct student’s name appears.
    3. Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides Screen:  You may be asked for Term and CRN.  If not, be sure the appropriate semester is listed at the top right, under your name.  If not, return to the Faculty menu and choose Select Term.
      1. Select “Allow reg from waitlist”  from the Override drop box.
      2. Select the related course that will need the override from the Course drop box.  The course must be one of the courses you are scheduled to teach.
      3. Click on SUBMIT.
      4. A confirmation screen will appear.  If correct, click on SUBMIT.  If incorrect, go back to previous screen and make the corrections.
      5. You are then returned to the Registration Overrides screen.  The student's approved override(s) will appear below the drop boxes.
    4. You may now continue in PRISM or exit.



Faculty have the ability via PRISM to grant permission in courses that require prior approval, or to override conflicts that may stop a student from registering for a course, such as permission required, time conflict, closed class or pre-requisite override. Department chairs and secretaries (or anyone with appropriate access to the Banner forms) have the same capability by using Banner.  See the appropriate instructions below.

Note that if the permission or override is not granted in advance, the student cannot register for the course via PRISM.  The course registration  would need to be entered via Banner (SFAREGS) in the department or the registrar’s office from the appropriately signed paper Add Form.

Override Codes/Restrictions 

Two types of restrictions may stop students from registering for a class.

  • Course  Restrictions:  Restrictions on courses labeled  “Permission Required” (or something similar) in the Schedule of Classes generally require permission from the instructor or department (chair) before a student can be registered in the course.  All students registering for the course must obtain approval in advance to register via PRISM or via Banner. 
  • Registration Restrictions:  Time conflicts, pre or co-requisite problem, repeated courses, max enrollment override and waitlist overrides are restrictions that occur at registration.  All can be overridden in advance.


Code (Shown in Banner)

Description (Shown in PRISM)


Course Restriction: The following two codes override a restriction placed on the course
prior to registration (e.g., Permission required in an Independent Study or Internship, etc.).
DEPT Departmental approval required Approval to take the course is granted
POI Permission of instructor required Approval to take the course is granted
Registration Restriction: The following five codes will override restrictions based on a conflict with the student’s registration
MAX Override Max Allows a student to register for a coursethat has reached maximum enrollment
PRE Pre-requisite override Overrides pre or co-requisite requirement
REP Override repeat limit Allows a student to repeat a previously
passed course
TIME Time conflict override Overrides time conflict
WAIT Allow reg from Wait List Allows a student on a wait list to register
for the course




  • Login to Banner, go to Faculty and Advisors, select Advisor menu
  • Select Registration Overrides 
  • Select Term.  SUBMIT 
  • Enter student’s ID number or name.  (NOTE: Name must be entered as it appears in Banner, do not use nicknames.  If you are unable to locate the student, call the registrar (4560) for the ID number.) 
  • The Registration Override screen appears.  Select the appropriate override code from the list above, and the related course.  SUBMIT. 
  • A confirmation screen will appear.  If the override and the student are correct, click on Submit.  If incorrect, go back to the previous screen and make the corrections. 
  • The Registration Override screen will again appear and the student’s approved override(s) will appear below the drop-down boxes. 
  • You may now continue in PRISM or exit.



(Department chairs ,administrative assistants and faculty who have access to Banner)

Grant Permission in advance for PRISM Registration

By granting permission in advance of PRISM registration, the student will have no restriction and can register for the course via PRISM.

  • Go to SFASRPO.
  • Enter term and student ID.  NEXT BLOCK.  FYI: The student’s current schedule appears in the bottom of the screen (if she is registered for any courses, including courses for which she is wait listed).
  • Choose the appropriate override codes and enter in the Permit box.
  • Choose the appropriate course CRN that will need the override.
  • SAVE - You’re done!

OR -

During registration in SFAREGS, you may override the following course restrictions by checking the "Appr Recd" column (to the right of Level).

  • Dept Approval Required (Dept)
  • Dept Chair Approval Required (Dept)
  • MODL Coord Approval Required (POI)
  • Permission of Instructor Required (POI)
  • Perm Required (Instructor or Dept) (POI or DEPT)

For all other registration restriction messages, e.g., time conflict, pre-requisite,  etc., select "Yes" in the “Override” column.  SAVE.





Review the Wait List Guidelines

Wait List Procedures in PRISM

If you add a course that is closed and has a waitlist, you will get a Registration Add Error and the Status will be Closed – XXX Waitlisted.  You must then choose one of the following options:

  • If you choose to be placed on the waitlist, be sure Wait list via PRISM appears in the ACTION drop down box, then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button.  After processing, the course will appear on your list of courses in the Add or Drop Classes page with a status of Waitlist via PRISM on [DATE].  The course will also appear on the Detail Schedule in PRISM with a Waitlist status, but will NOT appear on the Schedule by Week.
  • If you choose NOT to be added to the waitlist, be sure None appears in the Action drop down box, then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button, and the course will be removed.

To Add the Course When Granted Permission

  • Once you are on the wait list, you must receive permission to add the course from the instructor.
  • After this email is received, the student must first drop the waitlisted course (choose Drop a Course (Web) from the Action drop down box.  Click on SUBMIT CHANGES.
  • After the wait listed course is dropped, enter the course CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet section; click on SUBMIT CHANGES.
  • The course should come back as Registered via Web on [Date] in the Status column.
    • If the course comes back “closed” again, the instructor failed to grant the “electronic permission” necessary for you to add.  Please contact the instructor or department chair or secretary, or bring a signed Add form to the Office of the Registrar.




Updated 10.6.09