Enrollment Information

January 10 through January 17

At Saint Mary’s College, this check-in procedure requires students to Enroll online in PRISM during the first week of classes to confirm they are registered for classes, either full or part time, and to verify their current addresses, cell phone numbers, and dependency information (this process takes less than 2 minutes). Permanent address changes, off-campus addresses,  and cell phone updates may be submitted during this process.

  • Students may enroll from any computer that has a browser that can access the Saint Mary's web site and PRISM.
  • Students may not process course drops, adds, section changes, or change a course status to pass/fail or audit until enrollment is completed.
  • PENALTY  FOR FAILURE TO ENROLL:  After the midnight Sunday deadline, students can not enroll on PRISM.  Instead, they must enroll in person in the registrar’s office. (See Failure to Enroll below.)

Enrollment Period for Spring 2016

Start: midnight a.m. Sunday, January 10
End: midnight a.m. Monday, January 17

To Enroll

  1. Login to PRISM
  2. Enter Secure Area
  3. Select the "Student" menu
  4. Click on "Enroll Here" (in red, first menu item)
  5. The procedure has 2 parts: 1) verify full or part time status, and 2) verify/update current address, cell phone, and dependency information.  Follow instructions to update information.
  6. Logoff.



  • Students will be notified during the "ENROLL HERE" process of any holding indicating outstanding obligations (financial, health form, financial aid forms) to Saint Mary’s.
  • A Student Accounts hold will be placed on students who have a major outstanding balance.
  • Students must satisfy their obligation to the office placing the hold to have the hold removed.

Failure to Enroll

Students who have not enrolled by the enrollment deadline:

  • will be charged a $75 late enrollment fee
  • may not Enroll in PRISM, must report to the Registrar’s office to enroll
  • may be dropped from all classes*
  • will not receive enrollment verification for loan deferments or insurance coverage
  • will not be able to view grades or transcripts in PRISM
  • cannot register for subsequent semesters until enrolled.

*If a student’s registration is canceled for failure to enroll (i.e. dropped from all courses), the Registrar may reinstate her in the same classes if space is available (registration in the same courses is NOT guaranteed.)


Address/Cell Phone Changes

  • Any changes in permanent (home) address must be submitted to the Registrar.  Send changes with your SMC ID# to addresschange@saintmarys.edu.
  • All off-campus students must update their local address annually or when the address changes during the semester.
  • On-campus room changes will be processed by the Department of Residence Life & Community Standards.
  • Cell and local phone information may be updated in PRISM on the Personal Information menu.


Updated 1/13/14