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Spring 2016 Registration

Summer Session 2015



Adding a Course

  • A course may be added through PRISM during the "pre"registration period and July 1st until the end of the first week of the semester (ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m.)
  • Course additions may continue through the end of the seventh day of the semester (Tuesday at 5p.m.) with instructor permission through the use of an Add/Drop form available in the Registrar's Office.
  • To add a course that requires permission to override a time conflict, prerequisite requirement, or maximum enrollment, see Registration Overrides below.


Dropping a Course

  • Students are eligible to drop a course in PRISM until the end of the eighth day of classes. 
  • Beginning on the ninth day, students must complete the paper drop form and have the form signed by her advisor and the instructor of the course. 
  • The last day to drop is Friday of the fifth week of classes; see the academic calendar for the specific date. 
  • Courses that are dropped by the deadline will not appear on the student’s transcript.



Dropping/Changing a Course at ND

  • Changing classes: If you are dropping one course and adding another, add the new course on insideND before dropping the old one.
  • Dropping your only ND course: During advance registration through the last day to add, you must process the drop in the Notre Dame Office of the Registrar, 300 Grace Hall.  
  • After the last day to add, complete the SMC drop or course withdrawal form, including obtaining the required approvals (signatures), and process in the SMC Office of the Registrar.


Registration Overrides for time conflicts, prerequiste and maximum enrollment overrides

IN PRISM: Some faculty may choose to process an electronic override in PRISM. If so, then you may register for the course after the override has been entered in PRISM. 

Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

  • Obtain the Add Form from the registrar's office.
  • Complete the form and make sure all information is legible on the last copy.
  • The instructor of the course must approve all the above registration overrides. In the case of time conflicts, both instructors must approve (initial the Add Form).
  • See your advisor for approval (signature) add.
  • Report to the chairperson in the department offering the course for approval (signature).
  • Overrides cannot be processed in PRISM and must be processed by the registrar's office, the Academic Affairs/First Year Studies office, or the student's academic department directly into Banner.


Instructions for Auditing a Course

  • A student must be enrolled in a class before arranging to audit.
  • Obtain the appropriate Official Audit Permit Form from the registrar's office.
  • Be sure to read the guidelines printed on the form regarding the implications of taking a course as an audit.
  • Complete the form and make sure all information is legible on the last copy.
  • Students must obtain the permission (signature) of the instructor to audit.
  • The last day to change a course to audit is Friday the 10th class day; see the academic calendar for the specific date.
  • Once an audit is processed it cannot be reversed.
  • Credit is not awarded for a successful audit. A grade of “V” is not calculated in the GPA.
  • Full-time students may audit free of charge, part-time students will be charged full tuition for each course audited.


Section Change

  • Section changes before the 8th class day may be processed in PRISM unless the change requires an override. In that case, obtain the Section Change form from the registrar's office.
  • The chairperson of the department offereing the course must approve the change.
  • Section changes do not require your advisor's signature.


Instructions for Electing Pass/Fail

  • Obtain the Pass/Fail Approval Form from the registrar's office. Complete the form and make sure all information is legible on the last copy.
  • A student must be registered for the class before the Pass/Fail form is submitted, this form does not add a student to the class.
  • Students must have approval from Academic Affairs and First Year Studies AND the student's major advisor or department chair.
  • Students should be aware of the guidelines regarding taking a course pass/fail that are listed in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the College Bulletin.




  • The deadline to choose the pass/fail option is the 10th class day of the semester.
  • First year students are not permitted to take a course pass/fail in the first semester.
  • General Education requirements and courses in the student's major or minor cannot be taken pass/fail unless they are in excess of the minimum required for a major or minor.
  • Two courses may be taken pass/fail in a semester. Only six pass/fail courses total may be selected and applied to the bachelor's degree.
  • A pass/fail course permit must be approved by Academic Affairs and First Year Studies, and the student’s  department chair. Forms are available in the registrar's office.
  • Grades "A" through "F" will be assigned by the instructor, with grades "A" through "D" being recorded as "P"ass. A grade of "F" will be included in the calculation of the grade point average.
  • A decision to take a course pass/fail may not be reversed, nor may a graded course be taken pass/fail after the first ten class days of each semester.
  • A course taken pass/fail does not apply to the 12 graded hours required for calculation of Academic Honors.



The following procedure has been established to facilitate the “electronic” waitlist process in Banner/PRISM predicated by the desire of the faculty to be able to choose who is added to the course from the waitlist.

The intent of this procedure is for the faculty member to have control over who receives permission to enroll in a full course that has a waitlist. Granting permission via PRISM or Banner to the student selected to add the course from the waitlist allows the student to register for the course in PRISM.


  • The instuctor must request that a waitlist be added to a course.
  • Once a course has reached maximum enrollment, a student may be given the option to be added to a wait list.
  • Being added to the wait list does not mean a student will automatically be added to a class if an opening occurs.
  • The instructor has complete control over who gets added to the course.
  • The instructor will receive an email notification when a student is added to the waitlist so he/she is aware that there are students on the waitlist.
  • The instructor will receive an email notification when an opening occurs. At this point the instructor must select the student(s) that may be added to the class. (Each instructor determines his/her own criterion for selecting the student, i.e., first-come first-served; senior, etc.)
  • When selecting a student to fill the opening, the instructor should follow the steps below in PRISM.
  • The student will have 48 hours to add the course during PRISM registration (after advance registration in the department) or during the add period at the start of the semester. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates each semester.
  • The student will have 24 hours to add the course once classes start in the Fall or Spring semester. The time frame is shorter once classes start so openings can be filled ASAP.
  • If the student fails to add the course during the allotted time, the permission will be removed and she will not be able to add the course.
  • After receiving the email notification, if the student is no longer interested in adding this course she should notify the instructor as soon as possible, and also drop the waitlisted course via PRISM.



Wait List Procedures in PRISM—Students

If you add a course that is closed and has a waitlist, you will get a Registration Add Error and the Status will be Closed – XXX Waitlisted. You must then choose one of the following options:

  • If you choose to be placed on the waitlist, be sure Wait list via PRISM appears in the ACTION drop down box, then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button. After processing, the course will appear on your list of courses in the Add or Drop Classes page with a status of Waitlist via PRISM on [DATE]. The course will also appear on the Detail Schedule in PRISM with a Wait List status, but will NOT appear on the Schedule by Week.
  • If you choose NOT to be added to the waitlist, be sure None appears in the Action drop down box, then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button, and the course will be removed.

To Add the Course When Granted Permission

  • Once you are on the wait list, you must receive permission to add the course from the instructor.
  • After this email is received, the student must first drop the waitlisted course (choose Drop a Course (Web) from the Action drop down box. Click on SUBMIT CHANGES.
  • After the wait listed course is dropped, enter the course CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet section; click on SUBMIT CHANGES.
  • The course should come back as Registered via Web on [Date] in the Status column.
    • If the course comes back “closed” again, the instructor failed to grant the “electronic permission” necessary for you to add. Please contact the instructor or department chair or secretary, or bring a signed Add form to the Office of the Registrar.



Updated 3.18.10