Learning Outcomes 2 (LO2)

Cognitive and Communicative Skills

As a women’s college, Saint Mary’s emphasizes the value of women’s voices and their distinctive contribution to intellectual life. Therefore:

  • A Saint Mary’s student masters a broad set of sophisticated intellectual skills, including critical thinking, careful interpretation of complex texts and artifacts, accurate evaluation of data, investigative problem solving, quantitative reasoning, historical analysis, as well as technological, media, and information literacy. She reflects analytically on her experience as a woman, on the contributions of women’s voices, and on constructions of gender.
  • A Saint Mary’s student communicates her ideas, insights, thought processes, and conclusions with accuracy, competence, and style in various media and contexts.

NOTE: Writing Proficiency and Women's Voices requirements begin with the class of 2017. The Critical Thinking Seminar requirement begins with the class of 2018.